Cooper Medical School of Rowan Univerisity
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Tutoring/ Student Mentoring

Primary Urban Partnership (PUP) at ECO Charter School

Our Mission

ECO Charter School is a local K-5 school using environmental topics as the context for learning curriculum. Each week, CMSRU students work with the school's 5th graders, teaching STEM based lessons and activities. Cooper Medical School of Rowan University initiated the Primary Urban Partnership (PUP) in 2011. ECO Charter School, located in Camden, is one of the schools currently participating in this pipeline program partnership. The goal of this pipeline program is to provide elementary school students early exposure to health professions.


Contact(s): Ryan Vance (M2), Sam Wu (M2)

Day/Time: (2018/19 Program Dates TBD)

Location: 817 Carpenter Street (5 minute drive from CMSRU)

PUP is supported, in part, by generous contributions from the Schwartz Foundation and Townsend Press. For further information on the PUP program please contact our office 856-361-2818.