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Health/Social Outreach

Street Medicine Outreach

Our MissionScienceSaturdays

Street Medicine Outreach directly provides homeless community members in Camden with information about Project HOPE, a local primary care clinic for the homeless, and other community resources and services. The program also tries to provide direct support in getting identification and finding legal assistance, when possible. Street Medicine Outreach members also advocate for homeless services within the wider community in Camden. In pursuit of this goal, the group functions as a resource-gathering entity. Finally, Street Medicine Outreach seeks to increase the efficacy of efforts by collaborating with partner organizations and other pilot initiatives in order to find the best way to help the homeless community.

We welcome all CMSRU students and clinical faculty members to join our weekly outreach efforts. A mandatory in-person training is required for all volunteers, however, in order to participate in this service group and best prepare you for this experience.

Guidelines for med student volunteers

Guidelines for clinician volunteers

Contact(s): Margo Gao (M2), Katrina Monta (M2), Nick Bascou (M2), Andrew Needleman (M2)

Contact E-mail:

Frequency: Saturdays 9am - 12pm

Location: Varies - we walk/drive throughout the community doing direct outreach.

Learn more about CMSRU Street Med here!

To donate to the CMSRU Street Medicine program, please make checks payable to "The Rowan Foundation" and mail to:

CMSRU Street Medicine/ODCA
401 S. Broadway
Camden, NJ 08103