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MEDacademy Masters Program

Summer 2019 Dates: July 22 – August 2, 2019

Prederred Application Deadline: March 1, 2019

Online Application

MEDacademy Masters is an advanced two-week medical education experience program for highly motivated and dedicated MEDacademy graduates who want to further expand their knowledge and skills in the field of medicine. This program builds on the medical education foundation learned in MEDacademy and offers a progressive educational and a hands-on learning experience to prepare high school seniors and college freshman for the rigors of college level health sciences courses.

MEDacademy Masters takes you on an exploration of how the body works with the study of the Musculoskeletal (muscular and skeletal) System. You will discover how the body moves and will learn about the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the diseases and disorders that affect the function of the form, support, stability and movement to the body through lectures, active learning groups, gross anatomy lab cadaver dissection sessions, hands-on demonstrations and interactive clinical settings. You will gain expanded knowledge and experience in the field of medicine, learning from demonstrations in clinical settings, simulated patient exams and featured guest speakers from a variety of specialties including: orthopaedics, emergency medicine, family medicine, sports medicine and more. To conclude the full medical school experience, you will present a final group project during the graduation ceremony.

“The Second Phase of MEDacademy has given us hands-on experiences that have allowed me to further explore my growing interest in the field of medicine. These past two summers at CMSRU have been extremely impactful in helping me to solidify what I want to do for the rest of my life." - Kimberly Fermano, MEDacademy Masters Class of 2016

Eligible Candidates
The 70-hour competitive program is designed for MEDacademy Alumni (high school seniors and graduates) and rising college freshmen with a strong interest in the medical field who have:

• completed MEDacademy (Phase I);
• maintained a GPA of 3.3 or higher;
• successfully completed advanced science and math courses; and
• demonstrated a genuine interest in anatomy and physiology.

“My favorite part about participating in MEDacademy is being able to connect and speak with current medical students and doctors. Because of this they have given me great advice and guidance on what steps to take to be able to become a doctor and I now feel more prepared.” – Cameron Stinson, MEDacademy Masters Class of 2016

Tuition for the advanced two-week summer program is $1,800 and includes: daily lunch, scrubs, educational resources, guided tours of Cooper University Hospital, and a graduation reception and ceremony.

Applicants must have completed MEDacademy or be a highly competitive rising college freshman who has completed some advanced science courses in high school, to participate in the MEDacademy Masters Program. Scrubs, stethoscope, and a laptop are required to participate. MEDacademy Masters is accepting about 15 students into this highly competitive program. Candidate selection will be determined through a review of all application materials.

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