Ambulatory Clerkship

The Ambulatory Clerkship Year One provides the foundation for a four-year longitudinal experience in outpatient medicine. You are expected to begin to develop proficiency in both preventative health and management of common acute, subacute, and chronic medical conditions in the ambulatory setting. There is a focus on patient-centered medical care, psychosocial/behavioral issues, cost containment, and the interprofessional approach to patient care. You will spend time during the clerkship in the Cooper Rowan Clinic (CRC). In addition, you will rotate through a number of other sites for learning experiences designed to enhance your competency in patient-centered medicine.

You will also begin your introduction to Community and Social Health in the Camden environment. This is primarily a community-based learning experience where you will spend a minimum of 40 hours of service learning during the academic year, building and developing skills to observe and analyze social conditions and characteristics of individual and community environments that can potentially influence health status, health maintenance, treatment, and healing. You will be expected to engage with community members through programs that address a broad variety of needs, such as education, mentorship, nutrition, fitness, patient support, and community development, in order to build relationships and broaden your awareness of cultural characteristics, personal histories, perspectives, and worldviews. Your experience in the community will better inform your practice as an effective and empathetic provider of care for diverse patient populations.

Community based service will be augmented by written reflection essays, small group discussion meetings, as well as other training and presentation sessions.