Leadership Community Health

Leadership in Community Health is a required course that may be taken as either a week-long intensive or year-long course during the M4 year. This course will build on the foundations of experiential learning via the Ambulatory Clerkship (service learning + the ambulatory clinic) of your M1 to M3 years. It will give attention to the recognition and analysis of social qualities and characteristics of individual and community environments that can affect health status, health maintenance, treatment, and healing. You will be expected to continue to engage in community based service as your fieldwork practicum. This service will heighten understanding of community need, broaden your awareness of the impact of social complexities on patient care, and encourage you to practice solution-based care to help patients address these issues within the context of their acute or chronic care needs. Analysis in this course should consider your cumulative experience across clinical disciplines and settings, patient populations, geography, and health systems. Community based service experience will be augmented by assigned readings and written assignments to lead you towards defined learning objectives. Additionally, for this fourth-year course, your community-based service requirement may occur outside the City of Camden.