Ambulatory Clerkship III

During the Ambulatory Clerkship Year Three, you are expected to display proficiency in both preventive health and management of common acute, subacute, and chronic medical conditions in the ambulatory setting. There is a focus on patient-centered medical care, psychosocial/behavioral issues, cost containment, and the interprofessional approach to patient care. You will spend approximately every fourth week of the clerkship in the Cooper Rowan Clinic (CRC). Service Learning at CMSRU is a requirement of the Ambulatory Clerkship. Each year every student must complete a minimum of 40 hours (July – May) of service learning within the Camden community. The curriculum is specifically designed to integrate academic instruction and clinical practice with community service experience in mutually reinforcing ways. By engaging in service learning activity, you will gain a critical understanding of social and economic need within a community that can often impede health care access to its residents. As you collaborate and provide care for your patients in the CRC setting, your service experience better informs your practice as clinicians and understanding of common challenges faced by patients, such as barriers to accessing care and social services, socio-economic reasons for non-compliance, and the effects of culture and literacy on health education methods. You will also develop critical skills used in care delivery, such as relationship building, teaching and patient engagement, and effective communication with diverse populations. A list of service programs/contacts is available on Blackboard in the service learning folder.