Psychiatry Clerkship

The Psychiatry Clerkship is one of the core components of the third year of the medical curriculum and will last 4 weeks. Students are expected to begin to develop proficiency in evaluative and management of common acute, subacute, and chronic psychiatric issues. There is a focus on patient-centered medical care, psychosocial/behavioral issues, cost containment, and the interprofessional approach to patient care.

There are two main components to the Psychiatry clerkship:

  1. The Inpatient Psychiatric Unit located at South 5 Keleman Building is an unlocked unit. It has 14 beds and admits non-aggressive patients with psychiatric disorders. Dr. Mark Famador is the faculty covering the Inpatient Unit. The learning experience includes spending a minimum of 40 hours per week on the unit.
  2. Consultation Liaison Psychiatric service and Emergency Room Consultation includes helping primary teams (medicine, surgery or other specialties) to assess and manage patients with psychiatric disorders.
    Students are expected to be able to take an accurate history, perform a complete physical and mental status examination and formulate an initial differential diagnosis based on their clinical experiences in the first and second years of their medical education program. Students are also expected to possess professional attitudes and deportment appropriate to their role in the clinical setting.