Week on the Wards II

This second year WOW course is designed to provide early exposure in core specialties in the practice of medicine as it occurs in the hospital setting. As the students have had the exposure to the ambulatory patient, this course is designed to facilitate observation in the various inpatient clinical areas of available single specialty of the student’s choice. This course is also designed to help the student identify what CMSRU core competencies, if any, are being exhibited in the various settings.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Synthesize and present key elements of patient care in the specialties they experienced.
2. Introduce presentation skills for rounding in different specialties.
3. Define the normal work day, extended work day, and life balance.
4. Describe team care for the patients and roles of team members.
5. Introduce the work flow necessary for safe, effective patient care and effective communication.
6. Define dynamics and professional relationships of caregivers.
7. Determine the necessary system navigation skills to maintain effective patient care.
8. Apply medical knowledge obtained in first 2 years where applicable and define those moments.
9. Identify the core skills and attitudes needed for specific specialties.
10. Understand and analyze the microsystem for the specialty they experienced.
11. Articulate the impact of the experience on their professional formation as a physician in that specialty.
12. Articulate the key attributes and attitude needed to be an excellent physician in that specialty.