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The Princeton Review – MCAT Ultimate Prep Course

MCAT Ultimate Prep Course

Get complete coverage with our most comprehensive MCAT prep course.

You'll prepare with 4 to 6 subject-matter experts certified to help you excel at each competency tested on the longer, more challenging MCAT exam. Our interactive tools will help you focus on what's important and make smarter study decisions. You'll learn faster, retain more and reach a deeper level of MCAT mastery with amplifire™, an exclusive learning technology. Plus, you'll stay on track with a custom dashboard that takes the guess work out of what, why and when to study.

MCAT Ultimate includes:

• 123 hours of live instruction (41 classes) taught by 4–6 subject matter experts
• 13 full-length exams plus diagnostic tests
• All released AAMC materials
• 257+ hours of additional online resources and practice questions
amplifire™: an exclusive technology that helps you learn more, faster

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