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Optional Program Electives

*Please note these opportunities are only available to students accepted and enrolled in the CMSRU Post Baccalaureate Program.

Depending on personal and academic workload, students in the CMSRU Advanced Premedical Studies Post Baccalaureate Program will have opportunities to strengthen their medical school application and portfolio by participating in optional program electives offered in Research, Clinical Shadowing and Community Service/Service Learning. There will be opportunities in both Allopathic and Osteopathic medicine.

Community Service

Cooper Rowan Clinic Front Desk Volunteer
Hopeworks ‘N Camden Formation & Academic Success Volunteer
Cathedral Kitchen/Project H.O.P.E Medical Assistant Volunteer
Camden County Health & Human Services Community Health Volunteer
Cooper University Hospital Adult Volunteer
Health/Social Outreach Volunteer Organizations
Tutoring/Student Mentoring Organizations
Community Engagement Volunteer Organizations
Youth Activity/Wellness
Center for Family Services Volunteer (multiple positions)

Research Electives

EM Academic Associate Program (AAP) – Cooper University Hospital
Immunology Bench Research with CMSRU BMS Faculty Dr. Andrea Bottaro
Trauma Surgery Research Program - Cooper University Hospital

Clinical Shadowing Electives

Obstetrics Anesthesia Shadowing with Madgy Takla, MD
Adolescent Medicine Shadowing with Robert Brown, MD
Emergency Medicine – Tertiary Care with Catherine Ginty, MD

Hematology & Medical Oncology Shadowing at MD Anderson Cancer Center with Tulin Budak-Alpodogan, MD
Pediatric Infectious Disease Shadowing with Debrah Meislich, MD

Adult Primary Care, Internal Medicine shadowing with Jenny Melli, MD
Pediatric Genetics Shadowing with Jaya Ganesh, MD
Adult Emergency Medicine (various EM Physicians)

Podiatric Medicine Opportunities

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Mentor & Shadowing Network

Ambulatory Care Shadowing Electives

Project H.O.P.E

Clinical Observership Electives

Virtua Clinician Observership

Paid Medical Positions

Patient Services Representative at Cooper University Hospital (Per Diem – Paid Position)
Medical Scribe at ScribeAmerica (Part Time Position)

EM Academic Associate Program (AAP) – Cooper University Hospital

The Academic Associate Program (AAP) is a competitive clinical research training program for students, premedical and post-baccalaureate, who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine and are in good academic standing. The program provides an opportunity to engage in clinical research activities in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Cooper University Hospital. The AAP also provides students a unique opportunity to interact with medical school faculty and ED support staff, and promotes the development of mentor-mentee relationships with research faculty.

The program's objectives are fulfilled via lectures and research shifts in the ED. Students serve as research assistants and interact with ED patients and research staff.

The program is offered during the fall, spring and summer semesters. Each session is approximately 8-12 weeks in length.

This is NOT a doctor shadowing program. Unfortunately, our patients are too sick for us to have students “shadow” the doctors. Instead, what this program offers is a more structured version of an ED (emergency department) volunteer program. Some ED volunteers get bored because they have little to do, others hand out blankets and cups of ice. In the AAP, you will be trained to function as a research assistant, where you will have direct contact with patients and their families. Occasionally, students have watched resuscitations and interesting procedures. When things are relatively “quiet” in the ED (not a common occurrence!) you are welcome to speak with residents and attending doctors.

Evaluations from Past Students:

"It was an excellent experience and (I) learned a lot. Makes me want to strive even harder to get into medical school."
"I am very happy I participated in this program. I believe it gave me a valuable experience. It has aided me in making my final career decision"
"I wish I would have done this sooner, so I could participate again next semester.”
"This program is an excellent intro to the ED and research for pre-med students."
"I enjoyed working in the hospital because I got a chance to work and interact with the staff."
“It (the AAP) should be something that every premed student gets to experience. Your program is an eye opener for those who are not sure whether or not a career in medicine is for them; and for those who are sure, it introduces them to the different perceptions of doctors and patients.”
“I received a(n acceptance) letter from (a medical school) last Monday. I am so happy, and I know that my research at (the) Cooper ED gave me an edge. I want to say thank you for the experience.”

AAP is a competitive program for students who are serious and motivated about pursuing a career in the medical field. You should be able to commit to at least one 7 hr shift per week. You must attend the orientation and both lectures.

Additional Certification
Students must complete a web-based course sponsored by the NIH Office of Extramural Research on the protection of human subjects in research before the orientation. Students are encouraged to add this certification to their résumés.

Additional Benefits

• Exposure to emergency medicine faculty, residents and medical students
• Letter(s) of recommendation by the Division Head of Research, Department of EM
• Career guidance
• Potential to take this as an independent study or internship at your local college.
• Potential to become involved in other research activities.

How to Apply
Contact Dr. Jones via email expressing your interest in the program.
Christopher Jones, M.D.
Head, Division of Clinical Research

Chandler Wellness Care & Urgent Care Shadowing Experience

This elective is for those premedical students who are interested in pursuing a career in primary care medicine or integrative medicine.

Dr. Khayriyyah Chandler is a family medicine physician practicing urgent care in Cherry Hill. This will allow a shadowing experience for a higher volume of patients, typically 4 to 6 per hour. You will see basic diagnostic procedures, read x-rays, and a multitude of disease creating the fundamentals for family medicine.

The primary experience will be in Haddonfield, which is a private ideal medical practice. Here you will learn basic aspects of the business of medicine, vital signs and physical examination skills, note and presenting skills. If you interested in integrative medicine, complementary, alternative, and osteopathic medicines - there is a large component here.

This is for students who are serious and motivated about pursuing a career in the primary care field. Expect an 8 hour per week commitment.

Additional Benefits

• Exposure to office based medicine, creating a hands on experience
• Career guidance

Project H.O.P.E.

Project H.O.P.E., Inc. serves the medical and social needs of the homeless population in Camden County, particularly Camden City. The City of Camden is the largest urban center in southern New Jersey, with a population of 78,675 residents, and is ranked as the most economically depressed city in New Jersey and one of the most economically depressed cities in the United States. For the past thirteen years Project H.O.P.E. has fulfilled its mission by assisting more than 11,000 homeless persons in their journey to permanent housing and self-sufficiency. Project H.O.P.E. is unique in that it is the only provider of medical services specifically for the homeless in Camden County and one of five Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) homeless projects in New Jersey.

PLEASE NOTE - Students will rotate through on a one time basis for a three or four hour period.

Students will meet with and receive orientation from Sue Jones, RN, BSN as they arrive at. The orientation will consist of Project HOPE, their facility and the work that Project HOPE does for the Camden community.

Students will spend the rest of the morning meeting with various staff to learn their role & how they contribute to patient care services.
They would observe patient flow & encounters.

Please be advised that this is a one-time visit. The students will learn about ambulatory care, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and how the services Project HOPE provide impact residents of the City of Camden.

Project HOPE can accommodate up to four students per session.

Project HOPE
519-525 West St.
Camden, NJ 08103

Project HOPE Hours
8:00am – 7:00pm (Mon)
8:00am – 5:00pm (Tues-Fri)

Contact Info
Sue Jones, RN, BSN
Ambulatory Care Manager
Project H.O.P.E.
856-968-2320 ext. 1038

Virtua Clinician Observership

Students seek out a physician that would be willing to allow them to observe the clinician. Once a clinician agrees, student must complete the paperwork and send back to Erika Stone-Williams ( Once the clinician confirms and all documents are received, Ms. Stone-Williams will notify the student. * Please note that during the observership, students are not allow to touch or communicate with the patient.

Observership application

Cooper Rowan Clinic Front Desk Volunteer

The Cooper Rowan Clinic (CRC) is a free student-run medical clinic that aims to serve the city’s underserved population and reduce healthcare disparities in Camden, NJ. The clinic provides access to quality care for uninsured, underinsured, and undocumented patients over the age of 14. Medical students from Cooper Medical School of Rowan University and pharmacy students from University of the Sciences in Philadelphia work together in teams to provide care to patients at the CRC, under close supervision of at least one licensed faculty physician and pharmacist who are on site during clinic hours.

At the CRC, students assume supervised responsibility for the primary care management of their patients. It is the goal of the CRC to deliver a continuum of patient-centered care by offering a single care provider who is aware of all of his/her patient’s medical issues. Students act as health advocates who will focus on reducing health barriers for our patients by locating social and medical resources, as well as accompanying patients to their various medical appointments across multiple disciplines. CRC offers both the primary care and medical home that patients deserve.

Duties will consist of:

• Checking patients in
• Assigning medical students to patient rooms
• Cleaning up the patient rooms
• Assist in assembling new patient charts for medical students
• Assist in the patient follow up during the checkout process
• Other duties as assigned

Clinic Hours are Monday-Thursday 3:30PM-6:30PM

Cooper Rowan Clinic
3 Cooper Plaza
Suite 211
Camden, NJ 08103

Hopeworks ‘N Camden Formation & Academic Success Volunteer Opportunities

Background about Hopeworks
Hopeworks 'N Camden is a nationally recognized not-for-profit organization founded in 2000 in Camden, NJ. Our Vision is to heal communities by creating safe pathways through which we own our histories and discover new choices. We do this by using education, technology and entrepreneurship to partner with young men and women of Camden, NJ, as they identify and earn a sustainable future. Together we seize the opportunity to heal and thrive in the midst of violence and poverty. Our trainees have gone on to get jobs, attend colleges, and earn GEDs. They have developed Websites for more than 400 paying clients, served over 60 clients via our GIS business, and developed lasting partnerships with six different organizations.

Training Programs
Hopeworks ‘N Camden is a nonprofit that has been working for over 16 years with Camden youth. Utilizing an advanced training curriculum in website design/development, GIS, and Salesforce, Hopeworks works with youth 14-24 to get back in school and find a safe pathway to their future.
Day Training Program
The Day training program is held Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and created for youth who are no longer enrolled in high school. This could mean that they have dropped out of high school, already graduated, and possibly even already enrolled in college. Once trainees complete the web design training, they are eligible to pursue either an internship in one of the Hopeworks business departments or an externship with one of our community partner.

Hope Through School Program
Our program for in school youth is called Hope Through School (HTS) and runs each day from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. The goal of HTS is to keep youth in school by offering technology training and job opportunities, coupled with academic support for students who are in the eighth through twelfth grades. HTS trainees also participate in our creative and project based six week summer jobs program.

Formation Volunteer Opportunities

The primary task of the Formation volunteer is to assist the Formation Director in empowering youth to identify and develop their short, mid, and long term goals by meeting with youth consistently and working with them to develop a plan for their future. The Formation volunteer knows and works with all trainees assigned by the Formation Director through development and implementation of a D.R.E.A.M.S. Plan (short, mid, and long term goals), through their college application and entrance and through their internship. The Formation volunteer works closely with all youth to develop their vision for their future, and then meets with them individually every week to review their plans and to hold them accountable for making progress. The Formation volunteer with support of the Formation Director helps youth to move forward through consistent interaction, holding youth accountable, and connecting youth to the larger world.

Specific tasks:

• Meet with assigned trainees their first week at Hopeworks and on a weekly basis.
• Perform needs assessment for all trainees upon their entrance to Hopeworks training program.
• Work with each trainee to develop their own D.R.E.A.M.S. Plan. Goals will include training, school, job, and financial items.
• Assist in monitoring the progress of each plan weekly, including progress in Hopeworks training program, school performance, and the implementation of their own action plans.
• Record all relevant trainee information in
• Assist in Coordinating Hopeworks financial literacy program including setting up a visual budget and working with youth to open a bank account.
• Coordinate weekly formation groups with assigned trainees

Academic Success Volunteer Opportunities
The Academic Success volunteer will be responsible for assisting in all aspects of the operation of the Literacy and Academic Support program, helping youth achieve their DREAMS under the direction of the Youth Impact Director and the Academic Success Director. The role of Academic Success volunteer requires individuals with a willingness to learn understand and incorporate Sanctuary principles into the process of tutoring and academic support, a history of reliability, and the ability to relate well to peers, visitors, supporters, and staff members. The ideal candidate must display excellent oral skills with demonstrated interpersonal and organization abilities. A candidate for this position must be able to work in a varied, fast paced environment. Flexibility and tolerance is a necessity.

Specific tasks:

• Maintaining a professional, safe, positive, working culture at Hopeworks
• Successful completion of Orientation (background check, YHT trauma training, boundaries training etc.)
• Assist with TABE set-up and administration for HTS trainees and Interns
• Assist with developing and implementing independent literacy projects with HTS trainees
• Preparing, leading or supporting SAT/ACT activities and other literacy activities with volunteers
• Administrative tasks such as scanning and uploading documents, scheduling college tours and special events
• Participation in weekly supervision meetings, monthly staff/volunteer trainings, systems check meetings (as necessary).

Hopeworks ‘N Camden Hours

Hopeworks ‘N Camden
543 State Street
Camden, NJ 08102
(856) 365-4673

Cathedral Kitchen/Project H.O.P.E Medical Assistant Volunteer

Founded in 1976 by four altruistic young people, for nearly four decades the Cathedral Kitchen has been serving meals to the poor and hungry of Camden. What began as a simple ministry offering soup and sandwiches to a few people in need has grown into the largest emergency food provider in the city. We serve over 100,000 meals in our dining room each year. The people who come to the Kitchen to eat are among the poorest residents of the city: the homeless, the jobless, those with disabilities or addiction problems, the working poor. They range in age from infants to the elderly; but whatever their age, everyone in need is welcomed at the Kitchen and given a hearty meal. Since opening our own facility in 2008, we have expanded our meal program to meet the needs of the growing number of people suffering from hunger. We now offer family meal tables for guests with young children and meals for afterschool and summer youth programs.

Duties will consist of:

• Observing medical assistant, as they provide healthcare screenings (blood pressure and blood sugar)
• Positive interaction with patients as dinner guests
• Assisting Project H.O.P.E. outreach workers with dinner guests prior to, or following their meals
• Other duties as assigned

Cathedral Kitchen
1514 Federal Street
Camden, NJ 08105
856-964-6771 Fax: 856-964-6772

Camden County Health & Human Services Community Health Volunteer

The mission of the Department of Health & Human Services is to improve the quality of life for all Camden County residents by providing and assuring access to quality health services and programs which are cost effective and responsive to local needs.

As a volunteer at Camden County Health & Human Services, students can work in various units within the health department. We offer services in all the units and different programs within units in the health department. Students can volunteer in any unit they prefer gaining experience in different programs offered within the units. Student can also volunteer in any combination of units gaining experience in programs within those units.

The units are:

• Public Health Emergency Preparedness
• Substance Abuse
• Communicable Diseases
• Public Health Nursing
• Health Promotion
• Environmental / HAZMAT
• Consumer Health Services
• Housing Inspection

* Please review this link for more information on contacts for respective units.

Cooper University Hospital Adult Volunteer Opportunities

Cooper University Hospital offers a number of volunteer opportunities for adults (age 18 or older). Our adult volunteer programs include:

• Arts and Crafts
Caring Clowns
• Child Life
• Clerical
• Fall Prevention
• MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper
• Music
Patient and Family Advisory Council
• Patient Care
• Patient Relations
Pet Therapy
• Transport

How to Apply
If you are interested in volunteering with Cooper University Health Care, please complete the application form:

Adult Volunteer Application Form
Adult Volunteer Authorization for Background Check

After completing all forms, please submit them to the volunteer department.
Please send the completed forms to:
Volunteer Department
Cooper University Hospital
One Cooper Plaza
Camden, NJ 08103
Fax: 856.968.8865

Health/Social Outreach Volunteer Organizations

(Please follow this link for description and updated contact information for these service learning opportunities)

•Volunteers of America (VOA) Addictions Treatment Center

•Cathedral Kitchen

•Cooper Social Outreach

•ESL Class at Center for Family Services

•Camden Prenatal Collaborative

•Sidekicks at CMSRU

•Street Medicine Outreach

• Play Pals at CMSRU

Tutoring/Student Mentoring Organizations

(Please follow this link for description and updated contact information for these service learning opportunities)

•Boys and Girls Club of Camden County

•CAMP (Cooper After-School Mentoring Program)

•Head Start/Born to Read Program

•Science on Saturdays: Upward Bound for English Language Learners

•Primary Urban Partnership (PUP) at Wiggins Elementary School

•Primary Urban Partnership (PUP) at ECO Charter School

•JUMP High Academy

•Tutor Time

•Brimm Medical Arts High School

•Kids' Alley

Community Engagement Volunteer Organizations

(Please follow this link for description and updated contact information for these service learning opportunities)

•Camden Green and Clean

•Cooper Sprouts Community Garden

Youth Activity/Wellness

(Please follow this link for description and updated contact information for these service learning opportunities)

•Camden Youth Soccer Club (CYSC)

•Steve's Club: Heart of Camden

•Girls on the Run

• Cooper Youth Arts Program (YAP)

Center for Family Services Volunteer (multiple positions)

Born to Read

Born to Read volunteers will provide weekly one-on-one reading support in a Head Start preschool classroom for the duration of the school year as well as during summer months. This support will encourage students to develop a love and understanding of reading that will help them be successful throughout their academic experience. With volunteer support, we hope to set each child on a path to be reading at or above grade-level by 3rd grade. We need individuals who are passionate about children and their future success. As a volunteer with Born to Read, you will build brighter futures for children through literacy.

Born to Read volunteers are needed weekdays between 8:30am and 11:30am and 3:30-5pm at extended day locations.

Our 10 Head Start locations are attached and you will be able to determine with your students which site makes the most sense.

Students can contact:
Kelsey Sanderson
856-964-1990 x 110.

Baby's Best Start
A nine week program that works together with parents and family members to ensure babies get off to the best possible start! New and expectant parents learn about their child’s development stages, nutrition tips, and much more. Parents can bring their children with them and we provide childcare and a lesson that covers a topic similar to the one parents receive.

Program sessions are on Saturdays from 10am-2pm in Camden and on Thursdays from 4pm-7pm in Clementon. Volunteers assist with themed activities for both parents and kids, read with children in childcare, and support staff through meal prep and translation, when needed.

Students can contact:
Adiaris Rivera
856-309-5300 ext. 1608

Building Bridges Family Success Center

Building Bridges Family Success Center is a community gathering place where families come to learn new skills, get assistance applying for jobs, access tutoring for their children, and many other things. Volunteers are needed to dedicate a few hours each week to assist with greeting families, providing workshops, leading activities, and helping families use computers. Volunteers

Attached is the July calendar to give you an idea of activities currently taking place. Tutoring will start back up when the school year begins and this, as well as other activities listed above, are also available at the Promise Neighborhood Family Success Center in Camden, if that location works better for some individuals.

Students can contact me and I will work with them to determine preferred activity and availability.
Marissa Cantu
856-964-1990 x 160

Services Empowering Rights of Victims (SERV)

SERV offers crisis intervention, counseling, advocacy and support to victims of sexual and domestic violence. Volunteers are needed to serve as advocates to accompany sexual and domestic violence victims to the hospitals, law enforcement agencies, and courts. Volunteers assist with crisis intervention, advocacy, and hotline calls and must attend a 40-hour training to become certified as volunteer advocates. Volunteers serve for two 8-hour shifts each month, usually scheduled during nights and weekend according to their availability.

Students interested in attending a training can contact:
Denise Rosen

Obstetrics Anesthesia Shadowing with Madgy Takla, MD

Dr. Bottaro’s research interests and publications can be found here. Contact Richard O’Neal ( with interest in this research experience.

Immunology Bench Research with CMSRU BMS Faculty Dr. Andrea Bottaro

Interviewing the patients in the OR holding area, reviewing the medical history, performing physical examination, discussing the anesthesia plan,complications, and side effects, and obtaining the patient’s consent. The second phase which includes medicating the patient and the induction of anesthesia (preoxygenation,induction and intubation), maintaining the patient under anesthesia. The third phase includes emergence from anesthesia and the recovery. The other type which I would present is the regional anesthesia as labor epidural for pain, a neuraxial block (spinal,epidural and combined), and also peripheral nerve block. Students have the potential to shadow for 8-10 hours according to Dr. Takla’s schedule/assignment.

Adolescent Medicine Shadowing with Robert Brown, MD

Students will observe the care of people from 12-22 years old for all types of issues from general check ups to serious health problems. Our clinics are held in the same area as are general pediatric clinics, but in a separate area. All patients are seen with their parents for part of the visit. We cover acute and chronic illnesses, well adolescent visits, gynecology, sports health, allergies and asthma, etc. All patients are seen by medical student s or residents along with me. I have sessions on Monday mornings and all day Tuesdays in our Voorhees Center and on Wednesday morning and all day Friday in Camden.

Emergency Medicine – Tertiary Care with Catherine Ginty, MD

Student experience will consist of shadowing in a busy tertiary care academic emergency department and seeing all types of emergencies. Contact Richard O’Neal directly for scheduling as Dr. Ginty’s shift times vary.

Hematology & Medical Oncology Shadowing at MD Anderson Cancer Center with Tulin Budak-Alpodogan, MD

Student will work with Dr. Budak-Alpodogan for a half day in her clinic. Student will have the opportunity to observe Dr. Budak-Alpodogan with 2-3 patients in a typical shift, which includes her checking the patient history, reading the disease and management and discussing the care plan after completing the patient visit. The student will have an understanding of the complexity of the care for patients with cancer.

Pediatric Infectious Disease Shadowing with Debrah Meislich, MD

As a pediatric sub-specialist, Dr. Meislich see patients over a wide range of ages from infancy through young adult. In the outpatient setting, she works with her team to care for 58 HIV infected children and young adults. She also runs the Cooper pediatric travel clinic and see patients referred to her by their primary care providers. These outpatients have problems that run the gamut from recurrent or periodic fevers, recurrent boils, Lyme disease, tuberculosis, recurrent infections of all kinds, lymphadenopathy, and fever of unknown origin. She only sees outpatients in Camden at 3 Cooper Plaza and her offices hours are: Monday 7:30-11:30 (HIV patients); Tuesday 9-11 am, Wednesday 9-10 and 1-4:30 (afternoon mostly travel clinic) and Fridays 8:30-10.

Dr. Meislich also does inpatient infectious disease consults at Cooper Hospital in the pediatric ED, NICU, mother infant units, PICU, and the pediatric inpatient unit. The indication for these consultations cover a wide variety of pediatric infectious disease issues, for example: congenital infections, fever and rash, osteomyelitis, septic arthritis, meningitis, neonatal infections, hospital acquired infections, fever of unknown origin, sepsis syndrome, bacteremia, head and neck infections, post-operative infections, wound infections to name a few.
Dr. Meislich will also take students to all the infectious disease and pediatric teaching conferences that are offered each week.

Please note: She works most Thursdays from home

Adult Primary Care, Internal Medicine shadowing with Jenny Melli, MD

Students will observe the care of adult patients in the Primary Care office. Care provided ranges from routine well visits and care of chronic medical problems to acute sick visits and hospital and emergency room follow-up visits. Students will observe office visits and discuss aspects of medical care with Dr. Melli after each visit. Office hours are Mondays and Thursdays from 8am-12pm in the Camden office, suite 215, and Friday mornings from 8am-12pm in the Camden office, suite 104.

Pediatric Genetics Shadowing with Jaya Ganesh, MD

Students will observe the care of patients from childhood to adulthood referred for a genetic evaluation and follow up care. Some of these patients have treatable inborn errors of metabolism and undergo novel therapies. Our clinics are held in the same area as are general pediatric clinics in the Camden office, but in a separate area. Pediatric patients are seen with their parents. All patients are seen by medical student s or residents along with me and a board certified genetic counselor. I have sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Adult Emergency Medicine (various EM Physicians)

Students will be exposed to many different aspects of patient care in the emergency medicine setting. They will experience the importance of a team based approach to providing care to undifferentiated patients where life threatening ailments must be ruled out as the diagnosis is sought. Students will observe focused history and physical examinations, oral presentation skills, procedures as pertaining to patient's chief complaint, access of available resources to ensure patient safety and follow up, discussions with patient and/or family members about health care being provided, and discussions with other healthcare providers as pertaining to the patient's care. Shadowing will be coordinated through Dr. Alexis Pelletier-Bui and the Emergency Medicine Interest Group. Shadowing shifts are daily from 4p-8p (except Thursdays - no shadow shifts available). Shifts will be limited to 4 per year.

All shifts are from 4p-8p. Students are limited to 1/month, max of 4 shifts throughout the year. There are no shifts on Thursdays, WOW1, WOW2, and MS3 Clerkship weeks as to not impact our other learners during these times. Likewise, there will be no shifts in December or January due to second looks from 4th year students interested in our residency program.

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Mentor & Shadowing Network

Interested in Podiatric Medicine? The American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine (AACPM) has created a national mentor network for vetted DPMs. You can search the webpage by going to this link.

What is the DPM Mentors Network?
The Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) Mentors Network consists of practicing DPMs and current podiatric medical students nationwide. We share the common goal of increasing interest in the field by providing a personal perspective on the practice of podiatric medicine.

The DPM Mentors Network is designed to match you with a podiatric physician who practices near where you live or go to school. DPM Mentors will take the time to show you how they practice medicine, introduce you to the team of healthcare practitioners with whom they work, and answer your questions about the profession. Ready to get true exposure to podiatric medicine? Some DPMs will let you observe their interactions with a patient – provided the patient is comfortable with a student observer!

How Does It Work?
We take a little bit of information about you and comb our database looking for DPMs who have similar backgrounds, undergraduate institution or specialty interests. Then, we match you with a DPM who practices near where you live or near where you go to school. We introduce you to the DPM and get you started with setting up your first meeting. How often you visit after that is up to you and your DPM Mentor.

What is a Mentor’s Responsibility?
Mentors play an important role in guiding career development, providing information on the field of podiatric medicine to students and residents, and fostering a professional network.

What is Your Responsibility?
Students visiting the practice of a DPM should come with questions about the preparation and scope of work that a DPM engages in on a daily basis. You are welcome to inquire about the Mentor’s interest in research, community service or volunteer work. Be ready to be exposed to the full scope of a medical practice. Arrive early, be professional, and courteous. Before you leave, thank the DPM you’ve spent time with and ask if there is another opportunity to visit in the future.

Trauma Surgery Research Program - Cooper University Hospital

The Trauma Surgery Research Program is a partnership between Cooper University Hospital’s Trauma Surgery Research Department and CMSRU’s Advanced Premed Post-Baccalaureate program. This elective/externship allows students to gain comprehensive clinical research experience including:

  • Basic Research Methodology
  • Developing a Research Proposal
  • IRB Submission and Approval Process
  • Data Collection via Medical Chart Review
  • Electronic Medical Record (EPIC)  Training
  • Effective Written and Oral Communication
  • Critical Thinking & Teamwork

The program provides a unique opportunity to actively contribute to new and on-going research projects within the Trauma Surgery Research Department. One student will be selected to participate in the program following a successful interview.

*This program involves minimal patient interaction and does not involve physician shadowing. Nevertheless, opportunities for shadowing are available at the discretion of the physicians.

The Trauma Surgery Research program is a year-long, competitive program for students who are interested in diversifying their research experience, expanding their medical knowledge, and gaining competitiveness for graduate programs. The ideal candidate is inquisitive, independent, and dedicated, with prior research experience and effective communication skills. Past medical knowledge, direct patient experience, and exposure to clinical setting are preferred, but not required. 

Successful candidate must commit to a 7-hour shift per week (Monday – Thursday) for a year-long period.  He/she will be required to satisfy Cooper University Hospital’s HIPAA and CITI/NIH trainings prior to initiating any clinical research.

How to Apply
Interested applicants may submit their resumes to Richard O’Neal ( Competitive applicants will be invited for an interview with the Director of Trauma Research.

CMSRU Point of Contact:
Richard M. O’Neal
Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
401 S Broadway 3rd Floor - 340
Camden, NJ 08103
Phone: (856) 956-2788

Cooper Point of Contact: Manager of Trauma Research – Janika San Roman, MPH, CCRP - Manager, Trauma Research

Patient Services Representative at Cooper University Hospital (Per Diem – Paid Position)

The per diem PSR position pays at a rate of $16.12/hour. It is a non-benefit eligible position, because it is a per diem. Cooper expects potential hires to be available to work a minimum of 24 hours in a two week period.

Shift Type: Per Diem

More information about this job

Short Description:

This position has a strong emphasis on building customer relationships with our patients. Must ensure quality patient scheduling, positive telephone etiquette and customer satisfaction in support of the mission of Cooper University Hospital. Serve as the front line contact person for all incoming patients. Greet, register, schedule, collect point of service copays and provide general information to patients and their families using AIDET. Must have the ability to be organized, take independent action and project Cooper’s values to both customer and co-workers. Serves as patient’s non-clinical navigator during discharge coordination. Must demonstrate the Core Values of CUHC: Excellence, Ownership, Integrity, Innovation, Teamwork, Respect.

Special Requirements:

Scheduled Days / Hours: Mon-Sat day & eve hours
Education: High School Diploma or equivalent required.
- Minimum one year of recent registration or billing experience working in a medical facility preferred.
- Proficiency in patient registration, scheduling, medical insurance pre-certifications, authorizations and referrals preferred.
- Epic experience preferred.
- Excellent organizational, written/verbal communication and teamwork skills.
- Demonstrated performance of excellent customer service skills.

Medical Scribe at ScribeAmerica (Part Time Position)

The part time position pays at a rate of $10/hour. ScribeAmerica expects potential hires to be available to work a minimum of 2 shifts per week or at least 16-20 hours per week.

Shift Type: Part Time

Short Description: The medical scribe position will offer you a unique perspective of the healthcare field. You will be given the chance to work side by side with physicians and assist in their documentation in a wide variety of specialities. To learn more about the medical scribe position, please visit

Who we are: We are the nation's most frequently used medical scribe company with more than 13,000 employees in 50 states providing professional services for over 1,700 clients. We invest heavily in the professional development of our scribes by providing them with unique resources such as the industry's only academic textbook, paid attendance to our national scribe leadership conference, online education, networking opportunities through social media, and development of the ScribeAmerica Mobile Scribe App™. We are ranked on the Inc. 5000 list six years in a row for fastest growing private companies. In addition Modern Healthcare named us one of the Hottest Healthcare Companies in 2013. In turn, we've been rewarded through successful development of the nation's first "career scribes", that is, individuals with advanced degrees who have chosen to make a career with ScribeAmerica. Our clients have benefitted too, having received the prestigious Press Ganey Summit and Stuart Fleming Patient Safety awards.

Scheduled Days / Hours: Varies depending on availability

Eligibility: Admission to the Program entitles you to an interview with ScribeAmerica (availability depending). In order to be considered you must

-Apply to the Camden area at the following link:

-Email Natale Mazzaferro at once you have applied