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Program Financial Aid

Due to the Post Baccalaureate program being a non-degree granting certificate program, students in the program are not eligible for Federal financial aid. This would facilitate the need to apply for private education loans. We have listed resources below to help students prepare for paying their way through the program.

For any questions pertaining to financial aid, please contact Brittnie Thomas, Assistant Director of Rowan Global Financial Aid at (856) 256-5141 or via email at

Private Funding Sources

Veteran’s Benefits: Funds may be available to veterans or dependents who are eligible for Department of Veterans Affairs Education Benefits. For more information on available benefits please visit or contact our Veterans Coordinator at 856.256.4233.

Employer Tuition Remission/ Reimbursement Programs: Students are encouraged to contact their current employers regarding any existing tuition assistance programs that they may be eligible for. Students may work with Rowan University’s Bursar Office to ensure these funds are posted to their accounts each academic year.

Outside Scholarships: Students are encouraged to continue applying for scholarships independently prior to admission, as well as on an ongoing basis after matriculating in a program. Common search engines are,,, and

Alternative Loans: Students enrolled in programs ineligible for federal student loans may seek alternative loan lenders. Families should carefully consider these loans, as the terms vary widely amongst lenders. Please refer to for a list of commonly used ELM Select Lenders. Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo are the most common lenders that extend borrowing privileges to students in non-degree programs.

Deferred Payment Plan: To help families spread the costs of attendance over several installments, Rowan University offers the option of the Deferred Payment Plan. If you participate, you pay one-fifth of the current amount due, plus a $30 participation fee, on or before the due date. The remaining four payments will be due each month of the existing semester. Please contact Rowan University’s Office of the Bursar for more details regarding these plans. *Please note that there are no payment plans available during the Summer semesters.

All other payments may be made directly to the Office of the Bursar or online through your Student Portal.