Cooper Medical School of Rowan Univerisity
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Mentorship Programs

Mentoring is a big part of what we do at CMSRU. We have designed a system that gives students access to every level of experienced personnel that will help propel students to success in their premedical path. Our mentoring system is comprised of Director to Student mentoring, CMSRU Student to Post Baccalaureate Student mentoring and our Physician Mentor Program. Due to our small class size, students are able to receive the attention they need to develop consistency in any area that needs focus.

Director-Student Mentoring

Students in the program have monthly scheduled meetings with the director of the Post Baccalaureate program. Students have the opportunity to discuss their progress in the program, work one on one with the director to assemble a plan for success throughout the duration of the program and discuss strategies for MCAT prep, course success and applying to medical school. Students also have access to a wealth of information for success, tips, strategies and guidance, both in the program and for preparing to apply to medical school.

CMSRU Student Mentoring
Students in the Post Baccalaureate program receive mentoring via current CMSRU medical students through student panel discussions during the program, as well as one on one sessions. Our CMSRU students provide an honest perspective on premedical education and medical school performance. This includes CMSRU students in their first through fourth year and we’ve even had our newly graduated MD students come back to chat with our Post Baccalaureate students. CMSRU students assist with providing additional guidance about the medical school application process, pathways to getting to medical school (including traditional paths, Post Baccalaureate programs and Special Masters Programs) and what life as a medical student is like in all four years of medical education curriculum.

Physician Mentor Program

Each student will be assigned to a physician mentor (either an MD or a DO) to establish a connection and base for communication. The physician will serve as a positive impact to the professional development of Post Baccalaureate students enrolled in the program. Physicians and students meet at least once a month throughout the program. Physicians discuss their approach to patient care and medicine and serve as a guide to the preparation process to applying to medical school.