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CMSRU Advanced Premedical Studies Program Testimonials

The best way for potential applicants to learn about the programs they are interested in is to read honest feedback from the students that are in the program. Below are the opinions of our students.

Student Name: Chirag Arya
Undergraduate: New Jersey Institute of Technology
Testimonial: CMSRU’s Post-Bacc program provided me with an incredible experience that accelerated my academic and professional growth. While every aspect of the Post-Bacc is enriching, I personally enjoyed the flexibility and autonomy that the program offers. With online classes and our monthly active learning groups, there was enough time to pursue extracurricular activities such as research, service, clinical experiences, and personal interests outside of medicine. I had no research experience entering the program and was fortunate to work at Cooper’s Trauma Department to start my research career through the Post-Bacc. During my time at Cooper Trauma, I met some great people that eventually became my mentors and helped shape what I want my future as a physician to look like. In addition to the support system I developed at the Trauma Department, I also found the CMSRU faculty and staff to be a phenomenal resource. Each faculty member at CMSRU always had time for serious career planning conversations and quick chats about weekend plans. I strongly believe that the CMSRU Post-Bacc program gave me the opportunities and support system to not only enter medical school but also succeed.

Student Name: Mushfiqur Siddique
Undergraduate: Rutgers University – Camden
Testimonial: The Post-Bacc program at CMSRU has been extremely beneficial to me as a prospective medical student. The program gave me a chance to increase my credentials for medical school applications. I do believe that completing this program will allow me to apply at my strongest point. One of my favorite parts of this program is the personalized attention I have received as a student. The director of the program really cares about the students and goes above and beyond to ensure that they succeed. The program has also tremendously increased my interest in the field of medicine; whether it be through Q&A sessions with current medical students or mock interviews conducted in realistic conditions. The hybrid classes are both challenging and convenient and offers the student a glimpse of what medical school education is like. Attending the Post-Bacc program here at CMSRU is one of the best decisions I have made and I believe it will help me tremendously on my path to becoming a medical school student and physician.

Student Name: Roberto Gonzalez
Undergraduate: University of Delaware
Testimonial: Continuing my education with the Post-Baccalaureate program at CMSRU has been an exciting and enriching experience, both professionally and academically. There are many aspects of being a student at CMSRU that I have enjoyed but I’d like to highlight a couple exceptional experiences that have enhanced my education at CMSRU.

First, I am incredibly grateful and fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly bright, motivated and like-minded peers as well as a dedicated and selfless program director. Having peers who are eager to learn and faculty that are excited to teach and help students succeed, helps foster a learning environment that is conducive to academic growth and personal development. One of my struggles as an undergraduate was transitioning from high school to college, and I feared history would repeat itself as a medical student. Thankfully, the challenging curriculum at CMSRU has been instrumental in acclimating and exposing me to the rigors of medical school.

Second, having the opportunity to shadow Dr. Chandler in her private practice gave me a fresh and honest insight on medicine as a profession and allowed me to develop and practice basic clinical skills. I was able to get a first-hand view of the importance of creating a meaningful patient-centered relationship and the benefits of hands-on medicine. I also gained a more profound appreciation for the personal and professional competencies that make a successful physician. Most notably, however, Dr. Chandler continues to help me develop my “clinical confidence,” so when it’s time for me to set foot inside a hospital, I’ll be able to “walk the walk.”

Being a Post-Baccalaureate student at CMSRU has been an incredibly fulfilling experience and is actively helping me bridge the gap in becoming a successful medical student and future physician.

Student Name: Salima Mostafa
Undergraduate: Rutgers University – Camden
Testimonial: The Post Baccalaureate program at Cooper Medical School came as a blissful opportunity to my life. After learning about the initial summary of the program, I knew it was everything I could have asked for and beyond. The greatest strength of the program lies in the hands of the outstanding advisors and faculty, such as Taruna Chugeria and Dr. Mitchell-Williams (to name just a few). Although the curriculum is not impossible, it is certainly rigorous and challenges students to perform to prove that they can handle medical school life. I really love the flexibility of the online course, which allows me to have a full-time job, engage in community service and research activities. I feel very lucky and fortunate to receive consistent help and support in areas such as course work, mock interviews, receiving the HCOP grant, physician mentoring, MCAT prep and more. Moreover, I think what makes Cooper and the Post Bacc program unique is that it is one of the few institutions in the country that offers ALG (Active Learning Group) sessions in a Post Bacc program. I certainly learned a lot more about Sickle-cell anemia than I would’ve learned from reading a book! It is fun and interactive and you actually feel like a medical student when solving a case. This program will certainly hold a special place in my heart due to all the amazing people that are investing in my success. They won't give up on you as long as you don’t give up on your dream to become a physician.