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The Academy of Master Medical Educators at CMSRU

The Academy of Master Medical Educators at CMSRU (will henceforth be referred to as “Academy”) is a guild established to advance the education of physicians and scientists interested in Medical Education at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University (CMSRU) by:

Benefits of Membership

Becoming a member of the Academy is evidence of your commitment to being a “Master Medical Educator”, a term that implies not only a pledge to grow and improve in your own teaching, but a desire to work with others within the community and to achieve excellence in medical education. As a member of the Academy, you will have opportunities for collaboration and scholarship; you will be able to participate more fully in professional development activities; you will have greater access to personal mentoring; and you will be able to share educational experiences within the local, national and international community. The Academy and its members also may initiate or promote curricular and faculty development, new educational programs and innovative methods of teaching and assessment. Because of the rigor of the selection process, Academy membership is a sign of outstanding performance and provides support for academic advancement.

Mission, Purpose and Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of the Academy is to enhance education throughout CMSRU. The Academy and its members may initiate or promote curricular and faculty development, new educational programs, individual or collaborative educational research, scholarship and innovative methods of teaching.


The academy will be comprised of CMSRU faculty members who set the highest standards of academic excellence and have a true gift for teaching—whether in the classroom, the research laboratory, or in a patient care setting—and scholarship. In accordance with CMSRU, the Academy will distinguish itself as a leader in innovative medical education.


The purpose of the academy is to recognize and promote excellence in CMSRU’s educational mission and to contribute to educational scholarship, research and innovation. Excellence may be demonstrated in any instructional setting including classroom instruction, hospital or clinic teaching, laboratory instruction, research mentoring and training, continuing education, community-based instructional settings or in electronically-mediated teaching and scholarship.

The goals of the Academy are to:

  1. Facilitate and support the improvement of educational effectiveness and innovation;
  2. Conduct scholarly activity in support of CMSRU’s educational programming, which may be provided to other health professions educators;
  3. Organize and conduct programs for individual or groups of faculty to improve education at every level.
  4. Provide mentorship to other educators.

Nomination Process

Each year, the Academy publishes a general call to faculty requesting a formal letter of intent to apply for membership. Educators must first submit a letter of intent and a current CV to the Academy Selection Committee members by February 1, 2015. This information will be reviewed by the Academy Selection Committee and selected faculty will be contacted and invited to apply for active membership by February 15, 2015. Active membership application packages are due to the committee by April 1, 2015. Faculty selected for active membership in the Academy will be informed by mid-May 2015. A recognition event for new members will be held in June 2015, and new Academy members will also be inducted and recognized at the July 2015 meeting of the CMSRU Faculty Assembly. New members will have their names published in an e-mail message distributed to all CMSRU faculty, as well as on the CMSRU website.

Members of the Academy Selection Committee are: Drs. Osvaldo Lopez (, Hector Lopez (, Nagaswami Vasan (, Lawrence Weisberg (, and Michael Chansky ( Academy Selection Committee members are available to consult with applicants about assembling their active membership application packages.

Active membership Application Process:

The following must be received by the Academy Selection Committee as part of the complete active membership application package:

  1. The candidate must submit a active membership application letter (separate from the “letter of intent” listed above) that includes a clear statement of reasons for interest in the Academy and which discusses his/her Teaching Philosophy.
  2. The candidate must submit a list of all current direct teaching activities for one of more of the following groups: Medical students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, residents, clinical fellows, or faculty.
  3. The candidate must submit a nomination letter* from the candidate’s chairperson, division head, or a senior member of the Academy with specific reference to the candidate’s educational and scholarly accomplishments.
  4. The candidate must also submit a complete and current CV.
  5. Candidate must have had a full-time faculty appointment at CMSRU for a minimum of 2 years. (Adjunct, Emeritus, and Volunteer faculty are not eligible.)
  6. In addition to the candidate’s Chair nomination letter* (mentioned above), the candidate must submit two letters of recommendation from peers at the same, or higher, rank than the candidate.
  7. The candidate must submit an Educator Portfolio, described in detail in the section below.

Please note: Department Chairs are eligible to apply for membership in the Academy. The “nomination letter”* (mentioned above) for Chairs must be written by either the CMSRU Dean or Vice Dean.

While Department Chairs who become members of the Academy may still write nomination letters for their departmental faculty, they must recuse themselves from any subsequent vote to extend membership to those departmental faculty whom they have nominated.

Preparing the Educator Portfolio:

The Educator Portfolio is the same as the Teaching Portfolio that is used for the Promotion process; the Teaching Portfolio is described on the following pages.

Template for a Teaching Portfolio

(Please note: Academy membership recognizes career-long dedication to teaching excellence. For this reason, the teaching portfolio should be a comprehensive 7-10 year retrospective of an applicant’s teaching experience and scholarship).

Part ONE: Data Relevant to Teaching Activities
List and describe teaching-related activities in as complete a context as possible, i.e., the names of courses or presentations, the level of involvement or frequency, the number and types of students, the teaching materials that may have been produced, or the role of the faculty member in other teaching-related activities (supervisor, advisor, mentor).

1. Teaching Activities (including quantity of contribution)
a. Undergraduate
b. Graduate
c. Residents and Fellows
d. Peers (mentoring)
2. Curriculum Development (list tangible educational materials created, e.g., case
development, lecture, assessment tools, OSCE, web materials, simulation materials, etc.)
a. Courses
b. Clerkships
c. Residency Program
d. Fellowship Programs
e. Education and teaching innovations
f. CME
g. Outreach
3. Mentoring/Advising and Outcomes of Such Efforts

Part TWO: Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness
A brief description of objective measures of teaching effectiveness. The primary element of this category is a review of teaching effectiveness including a summary of the relevant, objective documentation. The information to be summarized may include representative portions of teaching evaluations, testimonials by students, peer reviews, and special contributions. Items that may be summarized in this section include:

1. Course Materials
2. Student and Resident Evaluations
3. Peer Review
4. Professional Recognition/Teaching Awards
5. Learner Outcomes
6. Educational Scholarship and Scholarly Activities

Part THREE: Recognition Outside of CMSRU
Include information concerning any additional teaching or educational activities that are especially noteworthy, creative, innovative, peer-reviewed, or indicative of recognition outside of the institution (e.g., publications, contributions to scholarly teaching societies, teaching awards and recognitions, invited lectures concerning teaching and education).

Part FOUR: Educational Leadership (e.g., Course or Clerkship Director, leadership of academic societies, service on editorial boards, etc.)

Part FIVE: Evidence of Continuing Professional Development

Note: The Teaching Portfolio must be reviewed and signed off by the faculty member’s Division Head or Department Chair.

Domains in which members of the Academy of Master Medical Educators will be judged:

1. Teaching Activities
2. Curriculum Development
a. Involved in the development of course content, clerkships, and residency programs. Be involved in the development of learning objectives, and assessments tools as well as coordination of courses across the curriculum.
3. Advising and Mentoring
4. Educational Leadership and Administration
a. Leadership positions may relate to medical or graduate student education, as well as postgraduate training of residents and fellows at CMSRU affiliated hospitals. Examples are Course or Clerkship directors, society advisors or graduate program directors.
5. Education Research and Scholarship

Selection Process:

The Academy Selection Committee will review the candidate’s application. After the review process, the Committee members will send a recommendation to the Vice Dean.

Ranks of Academy Members – membership candidates must demonstrate excellence in the respective domains for the rank desired:

1. Teaching Fellow – Achievement in 1 Domain; this Domain shall be #1 - Teaching Activities
2. Master Educator – Achievement in a total of 3 Domains; these Domains must include #1 – Teaching Activities, #3 – Advising and Mentoring, and one other.
3. Distinguished Teaching Scholar – Achievement in a total of 4 Domains; these Domains must include #1 – Teaching Activities, #3 – Advising and Mentoring, #5 – Education Research and Scholarship, and one other.

After a faculty member becomes a Distinguished Teaching Scholar, there will be two categories—Active (for faculty still working at CMSRU) and Affiliate or Emeritus (for faculty who have retired).