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Teaching Services Support

Many resources exist within CMSRU and the broader University for teaching. In addition, the AAMC and other universities provide additional sources that can help with both educational resources and support for scholarly activity.






Teaching Techniques

Rowan Faculty Center's Preparing an Effective Syllabus

Duke University's Lecture Busters - a short essay on keeping students engaged.

University of California-Berkeley's Preparing for Lectures - an outline recommending strategies for preparing to teach a large lecture

Active Learning Group Facilitation

Baylor College of Medicine's Clinical Educators Handbook, Chapter 16: Leading a Case Discussion


Publishing Opportunities for the Scholarship of Teaching

The American Association of Medical College's MedEdPORTAL provides a variety of teaching materials, assessment tools, and faculty development resources.

Selected Medical Education Publications list a number of journals that provide opportunities to publish scholarly work related to medical education.


Understanding Journal Metrics

Elsevier provides an overview of journal metrics and how they should be used (pdf).

Journal metrics for a list of selected journals relevant to medical education and scholarship (pdf).