Cooper Medical School of Rowan Univerisity
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Money Management

Most physicians begin their careers with a substantial amount of debt. At CMSRU, we believe forewarned is forearmed. Financial aid counseling begins on Interview Day and continues throughout the four years of medical school in both group and individual educational sessions.

The CMSRU Financial Aid Office will hold a series of in-person debt management and financial literacy sessions each year. These sessions were developed to assist our medical students in the management of educational debt, as well as to teach basic elements of personal finance. Sessions are presented by either our staff and/or by experts in the field.

The Financial Aid Office provides on-going debt management counseling and money management counseling to students throughout his or her enrollment. An electronic financial aid newsletter will be sent to students in November 2012.

Individual financial aid counseling sessions will be available at any time. Students may stop by the Financial Aid Office or call for an appointment at 856-361-2850.

Sessions will include topics such as:

There will be entrance and exit interviews with every enrolled student. The entrance interview will allow our staff to tailor the services of the Office of Financial Aid to the individual needs of each student and create a plan to work together to minimize debt, manage a budget, and understand options .