Cooper Medical School of Rowan Univerisity
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The CMSRU Leadership Team.

Student Activities

First Year Student Orientation
Formal orientation is a four day event coordinated by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA). Orientation will begin with an introduction to Cooper Medical School of Rowan University. Scheduled presentations will serve to introduce new students to personnel, policies, procedures and more. Orientation sessions will include an introduction to student support services, study skills, minimizing stress, and an overview of the curriculum. This is an opportunity to get to know your classmates, meet the faculty, and understand the mission of CMSRU.

White Coat Ceremony
In the presence of family, guests, and faculty members, our new students will be welcomed into the medical community by leaders of CMSRU, and are ceremonially cloaked in their white coats. Dressed in white, students stand to take the ancient Oath of Hippocrates, traditionally sworn at graduation. This landmark ceremony is the first step and a turning point, introducing the essential concept of the doctor-patient relationship. As physicians, we enter into an implicit contract with our patients, accepting the obligations inherent in the practice of medicine: to be excellent in science, to be compassionate, and to lead lives of "uprightness and honor." This ceremony is designed to demonstrate to all participants that a physician's responsibility is not only to take care of patients, but also to care for patients. The message is that doctors should "care" as well as "cure."

Lunch and Learn Thursdays
CMSRU Student Affairs has the primary responsibility for creating a positive and supportive medical school environment focused on student support and advocacy. We believe that medical students' personal and professional development is linked to their well-being and health -- physical, mental, and social health. Student Affairs provides informational and preventative care sessions each Thursday at noon throughout the academic year to assist students throughout their medical school tenure.

Student Clubs and Organizations
WCCClubs and organizational memberships offer students the opportunity to participate in academic, cultural, social and athletic activities that are consistent with the development of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes expected from the healthcare profession. The Office of Diversity and Community Affairs (ODCA) helps ensure diversity in the applicant pool and directs multiple pipeline, outreach, community, and academic support programs. CMSRU Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and ODCA support academic and cultural organizations, including: