Cooper Medical School of Rowan Univerisity
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The CMSRU Leadership Team.

Advisory Colleges

Cooper Medical School of Rowan University will provide each student with the support and services needed to grow as a person and a health care provider. We have created the Advisory Colleges to support and facilitate this goal. At matriculation, every student will be assigned to one of four colleges for their medical school career. Each of these colleges will have a Director who is prepared to guide the student in terms of educational needs, physical and emotional health, career choice, community service, and individual and group activities. The Directors will have the full resources of the Office of Student Affairs at their disposal.

For our inaugural class, the fourth year students from the Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine have volunteered to serve as peer mentors, offering advice regarding our community and serving as a valuable resource. When our students move on to their second year, they will serve as the peer mentors for our incoming first year students.

Every student will also have a faculty mentor from year one who will work within the college system and serve as a resource in the areas noted. They will play a special role in terms of course selection and help to develop a learning plan for their students that will pave the way for each to discover their optimal career path and residency choice.

The Careers in Medicine program of the Association of American Medical Colleges will be introduced in the first year, and the colleges will help guide their students in the optimal use of this important resource.

Each college will create and build its own identity through the students. They will elect a student to serve on the Admissions Committee. The paths of the colleges and the opportunities they choose to serve the community and the medical school will be determined by the students, with the Director serving as a guide. Our vision is that CMSRU’s alumni will return year after year to take part in events related to their own advisory colleges.