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Information Technology Services

IT Support Request *For immediate support, call (856) 956-2795*
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Quick Support Forms

The following quick support forms allow you to quickly request common services offered by IRT.  Customers will be able to request the exact service they are looking for by using a well-defined form that requires little to no intervention once submitted.

Exchange Shared Mailbox and Modify an Exchange Shared Mailbox 
Exchange Email Distribution Group and Modify Exchange Email Distribution Group 

Exchange Shared Calendar 

Exchange Email Quota

Home Directory Quota



On January 8th, 2018, Information Resources & Technology is putting security controls in place that will block faculty, staff and medical students from auto-forwarding or redirecting email to addresses outside of Rowan University. This change, based on guidance from the Office of Compliance and Corporate Integrity, will help the University comply with federal and state laws regarding access to potentially sensitive data.

CMSRU IT recommends using the free Outlook app to manage your Rowan e-mail on your mobile device(s). The Outlook apps are easy to use and offer options for customizing your e-mail signature and setting automatic replies. You will find infomatin on using the Outlook app (iOS and Android) below as well as information on how to add your Rowan e-mail to the native mail apps if you are already using one to manage your e-mail.

iOS Instructions

Android Instructions

Setting Up Outloook for your Rowan E-Mail – iOS PDF Document Setting Up Outlook for your Rowan E-Mail - Android PDF Document
Update your Email Signature in Outlook – iOS PDF Document Update Your Email Signature in Outlook – Android PDF Document
Setting up Automatic Replies in Outlook – iOS PDF Document Setting Automatic Replies in Outlook – Android PDF Document
Adding an Additional E-mail Account to Outlook – iOS PDF Document Adding an Additional E-mail Account to Outlook – Android PDF Document
Adding Your Rowan E-mail to the iOS Mail App PDF Document Adding Your Rowan Email to the Android E-mail App PDF Document

Web Instructions

Setting Automatic Replies in Outlook Web Access PDF Document  
Creating E-mail Rules PDF Document  
Removing E-mail Rules PDF Document  


General IT Support

Resources for Getting Online Login to Rowan ExpanDrive (Network Folder Access)
Accessing email Printing at CMSRU
Accessing RowanCloud/Citrix Encryption: Desktops & Laptops, Portable Storage Devices & Mobile Phones
Reset your Rowan Password Anti-Virus Software for Personal Use



Setting up CallXpress Voicemail System PDF Document  
CallXpress Quick Reference Card PDF Document;  


Printing/Copying Costs

Printing at CMSRU

Using Rowan Mobile Print PDF Document

Color Prints - $0.10 per printed side
B&W Prints - $0.05 per printed side
Copies - $0.05 per printed side

You are allotted $40 per year on your Rowan Card. Click here PDF Document to add additional funds to your Rowan Card.


Encryption Support

General Information About Encryption  
Using Google Drive to Store and Retrieve Presentations  


Audio/Visual Support

Using the PC in ALG and Conference Rooms PDF Document iPad Instructions: Conference Rooms PDF Document
Using the Multi-Purpose Laboratory (MPL) PDF Document iPad Instructions: ALG Rooms PDF Document
iPad Instructions: Sim Rooms PDF Document  





Logging In and Navigating Video 2:47 min Logging In and Navigating Video 3:15 min
Using the Class List Video 2:12 min Loading Content Into Your Echo360 Library Video 2:13 min
Navigating and Interacting with Slides Video 5:24 min Navigating Your Echo360 Library Video 3:14 min
Viewing and Downloading Recorded LecturesVideo 1:49 min Copying Presentations in Your Echo360 Library  3:08 min
Taking Notes and Using Bookmarks Video 4:23 min Editing a Presentation in Your Echo360 Library Video 7:28 min
Asking Questions and Using Discussions Video 2:52 min Publish a Presentation from Your Echo360 Library Video 1:54 min
Flagging Content as ConfusingVideo 0:49 min Publish a Presentation from an Echo360 Class List Video 1:33 min
 Adding Your Cellphone to Your Echo360 Account PDF Document Preparing an Echo360 Presentation for Lecture Video 4:34 min
  Giving Your Recorded Echo360 Lecture Video 4:42 min
  Post Lecture Activities and Analytics Video 2:59 min
  Using the Echo360 PowerPoint Ribbon Video 6:45 min
  Adding Students for GME PDF Document


Other Resources

Rowan Cloud Rowan Technology Toolbox
Microsoft Office Student Software Rowan Support Knowledgebase
How to Add Rowan Bucks to your Rowan Card PDF Document Training
Add Rowan (formerly 'Boro) Bucks when you run out of printing $ Social Media Awareness PDF Document




IT Contact Information

For CMSRU IT Support please email