Cooper Medical School of Rowan Univerisity
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White Coat Ceremony

Grand Opening Ceremonies

CMSRU Building Time Lapse


This time lapse video shows the construction of Cooper Medical School of Rowan University's educational building. Started in October of 2010, the new building is located at the corner of Broadway and Benson Streets in downtown Camden, NJ. Finished both on time and under budget within 17 months, the Cooper Medical School building was designed with the school's "hands-on" curriculum in mind, and features state-of-the-art technology that incoming students will be able to utilize. The school will open officially on August 13, 2012, upon the arrival of their charter class.


Paul Katz, MD, Founding Dean of Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, begins the Grand Opening ceremony by thanking all of those who turned the vision of the new medical school into a reality. Katz recognizes the hard work, efforts, and support of the City of Camden, the State of NJ, the school's two parent entities (Cooper University Hospital and Rowan University), deans, faculty, staff, as well as all those involved in the school's construction. Katz also takes a moment to remember the hard work and commitment of Bill Upton, construction manager for Joseph Jingoli & Son, who passed away before the building's completion.


At the Grand Opening of Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, George E. Norcross, III, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Cooper Health System, reminisces about his late father and the tremendous role that he and others had in the creation of the new medical school. Norcross also notes that CMSRU marks a new beginning for the City of Camden, its residents, and all who strive to make Camden prosper once again.


State Senator Donald Norcross expresses his pride and excitement regarding the completion of Cooper Medical School of Rowan University at the new school's Grand Opening event. Senator Norcross looks forward not only to the future of Camden, but also to the next generation of the city's health care providers, construction workers, and more.


Camden Mayor Dana Redd speaks at the Grand Opening of Cooper Medical School of Rowan University about the great role that the school is expected to play in the revitalization of the City of Camden. She also welcomes the school's faculty, staff, and incoming charter class on behalf of Camden residents. Redd looks forward to CMSRU's utilization of Camden as both their home and their classroom.


At the Grand Opening of the new Cooper Medical School of Rowan University building, Ali Houshmand, PhD, President of Rowan University, gave a passionate speech about the evolution of teaching in New Jersey. Additionally, he champions the idea that "change" is something to be embraced, rather than feared, and that a period of great and significant change is on the horizon for both the City of Camden and higher education in the State of New Jersey.


John P. Sheridan, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of Cooper University Hospital, introduces keynote speaker, Governor Chris Christie, at the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University Ribbon Cutting Event. Sheridan acknowledges the tremendous support from the governor which played such a significant role in the creation of CMSRU, the first new medical school in New Jersey in over 35 years.


At the Grand Opening of Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, keynote speaker and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie recognizes the historical significance of the day for the entire state, regardless of region. The governor also acknowledges the bi-partisan effort that made the medical school possible. Christie sees CMSRU as an investment in the future, and looks forward to the growth that the new school will bring to both Camden and the rest of New Jersey.


The ceremonial red ribbon is cut at the Grand Opening of Cooper Medical School of Rowan University on Tuesday, July 24, 2012. Distinguished speakers at the event had the honor of cutting the ribbon, including NJ Governor Chris Christie; CMSRU Dean Dr. Paul Katz; George E. Norcross III (chairman of the Board of Trustees of The Cooper Health System); State Senate President Steve Sweeney ; State Senator Donald Norcross; Camden Mayor Dana Redd; Ali Houshmand (President of Rowan University); and John P. Sheridan, Jr. (President and CEO of Cooper University Hospital).