Cooper Medical School of Rowan Univerisity
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Educational Facility

The New Home of Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

CMSRU's Medical Education Building is designed around the innovative CMSRU curriculum, filled with spaces and technologies to support our faculty and students in this process.  This is a six-story, 200,000 square foot building, with an exterior designed to reflect the historic nature of the community while looking forward into the future.  Inside the building are 27 Active Learning Rooms – rooms designed to be the home for eight students for their first two years of medical school.  In these rooms, our students spend more than three-quarters of their formal class time, focusing on small group discussions and presentations, facilitated and self-directed individual and group learning.

In addition to the Active Learning Rooms, the building houses an auditorium seating 250 people, a large multipurpose room seating 140, a multipurpose Teaching Laboratory seating 120, Wellness Facilities, a Learning Commons and satellite Medical Library, where students can meet in a casual and comfortable setting, with CMSRU’s faculty and each other. 

Our Clinical Simulation Center is also in this facility, providing students with space to learn interviewing and clinical skills even before they see their first patient.  Medical school administrative offices, including the dean’s office, student services and financial aid are here as well.  Finally, we have constructed several floors of research and teaching labs, to be used by both students and faculty.

Construction on the building was completed in the summer of 2012, prior to our inaugural class arrival in August.