Cooper Medical School of Rowan Univerisity
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Center for Humanism,

Professionalism, Medical Ethics, and Law

The founders of the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University were determined to create a medical school that has a “soul”.  We envisioned attracting mission-driven students, selected, not only by virtue of good grades and admission examination scores, but also because of life experiences that demonstrate their humanistic values and their sense of mission.  So far, there is considerable evidence that we have been successful in creating the type of school that was envisioned.  Our students have evolved a wonderful relationship with the underserved community around us.  Our motto “Camden is our classroom, Camden is our home” is being lived on a daily basis.  Now, we must work towards improving upon what we have started, and hence this Center.

It is anticipated that the creation of the Center for Humanism will provide yet another pillar to ensure that our school continues to have a “soul”.  It is intended that the Center’s main function will be pedagogic.  As medicine has become more technological, business oriented and depersonalized, there is a growing and compelling need to foster humanism and professionalism in medical schools and hospitals. 

Compounding the pedagogic challenges, many of the traditional opportunities to teach and learn in this arena have been lost.  Our system of care has evolved so that students are decreasingly exposed to master, seasoned clinicians with long practice experience.  What we used to learn by observing and emulating such individuals performing their art, is no longer being learned that way. (read more)