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Community Engagement

ARTx Camden

Our MissionARTx

ARTx Camden is a service organization founded by students and physicians at CMSRU who believe the Arts and Humanities serve a vital purpose in the health of individuals, communities, and our society.

Members of ARTx have the opportunity to engage in high-quality voluntarism, service, and advocacy of the Arts and Arts Education amongst at-risk youth and the greater Camden community. Whether or not you have an artistic background, there are plenty of fun opportunities to get involved and help support our community through meaningful arts-based service.

ARTx and its members aim to fulfill our social responsibility as physicians to relieve suffering and foster the good health of our world through action-oriented humanism.

Contact: Joely Zilkha (M2), Mary Penckofer (M2), Katie Ramdial (M2), Chris Zhao (M2), Alex Grafstrom (M2), and Ben Feng (M2)

Frequency: Youth Programs, 2x/month; Public Art Projects, ongoing; General Body Meetings, monthly

Location: Provided in advance of all activities. Please reach out to contacts listed above for the most up-to-date locations, dates, and times.