Cooper Medical School of Rowan Univerisity
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Tutoring/ Student Mentoring

Cooper After School Mentoring Program (CAMP)


Our Mission: CAMP

CAMP serves to provide Camden area high school students, interested in pursuing college, with tutoring, SAT prep, as well as one-on-one mentoring around college applications and career counseling. Every other week, participating high school students come to CMSRU, where they receive enrichment lectures and education, and spend time with their med student mentor going over their academic work. During alternate weeks, each pair keeps in contact and often meets individually. Mentors are charged with guiding and supporting their students through the college application process, preparing for the transition to the college environment, as well as helping them set career goals. As students enter their college years, many maintain contact with their mentors to receive ongoing support beyond their CAMP involvement.


Contact(s): Alex Bjorling (M2), Anjali Sivendra (M2), Vidish Pandya (M2), Manas Deolankar (M2)

Frequency: Monday afternoon, alternating weeks

Location: CMSRU

Publicity: "SJ Teens Sample a Dose of Medical School" (Courier-Post, 4/13/15)