Cooper Medical School of Rowan Univerisity
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Health/Social Outreach


Our Mission

Sidekicks at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University works to create longitudinal connections between medical students at CMSRU and pediatric patients who have life threatening or chronic health conditions. Sidekicks at CMSRU is a branch of the original Sidekicks founded at University of Massachusetts Medical School, with a particular focus on Camden’s health disparities and socioeconomic issues. The organization seeks to pair student Sidekicks with pediatric patients and their families for at least a year. Students will be expected to learn about their patient's condition to facilitate patient advocacy and community activism, explore the socioeconomic and health disparities of patients in Camden, and observe the complexity of care required by pediatric patients with life threatening or chronic illnesses. Students will attend monthly meetings at CMSRU to discuss their experiences with the group, present their family's case, or learn about pediatric care through physician driven discussion.


Contact(s): Alana Birnhak (M2), Saba Daneshpooy (M2), Morgan Epley (M2), Daphna Varadi (M2)

Location: Cooper University Hospital (inpatient and outpatient)

Frequency: Determined by medical student and Sidekick patient and family