Ambulatory Clerkship

Ambulatory Clerkship is a three-year interprofessional course where students work in teams of M1, M2, and M3 students to provide patient care free of charge for uninsured patients at the Cooper Rowan Clinic. Clinical faculty and residents supervise the medical students. The medical student teams provide care based upon their level of proficiency within their curricular year. M1 students handle history taking; M2 students the physical examination; and M3 students fill in gaps as necessary based on the time of year and ability of the M1 and M2 students to complete an examination, in addition to reporting out to the faculty and leading the discussion for the differential diagnosis and treatment plan. Medical student teams work with University of the Sciences PharmD students (P1, P2, and P3 levels), who provide patient education and assist with medication choices, dosage, and operation of the student-run pharmacy offered at the clinic. A Rutgers University graduate social work student is available at the clinic on a daily basis to support patients with their non-medical needs and challenges to their health care compliance, such as housing or food insecurity. Students from the Rutgers Doctor of Physical Therapy Program see patients two times per month at the Cooper Rowan Clinic. They work with patients with a wide variety of conditions, including musculoskeletal and nerve injuries, arthritis and chronic pain. Faculty from all programs (medicine, pharmacy, social work, nursing, and physical therapy) work with and teach all students involved at the clinic.