The Gastroenterology course is intended to train medical students in the fundamentals of the biomedical sciences of gastroenterology. The building blocks taught here are ultimately designed to prepare physicians to handle the complexities of the ever-demanding world of gastroenterology. The Gastroenterology course is 4 weeks in the second year. This course is designed to focus on the biochemistry, pathophysiology, anatomy, histology and embryology signs and symptoms, diagnostic methods, and treatment modalities of GI, Hepatic and Biliopancreatic diseases and nutrition. The format is intended to introduce new concepts as well as advance prior instruction in an integrative fashion. The learning formats consist of didactics reinforced by small group sessions (i.e. - Active Learning Groups, TBL/POPS (Patient Oriented Problem Solving), Scholar’s Workshops, Foundations of Medical Practice and self- directed learning) on a rotating basis. This instruction is supplemented with laboratory exercises and self-directed learning via texts and internet-based electronic resources.