Urology and Renal Systems

The Urology and Renal Systems course is designed for the student to gain knowledge of the anatomical features (embryological, neonatal and adult) of the Uro-renal system, at the gross and histologic levels, and by combining this with their cellular/molecular/ physiological background obtained through the Fundamentals Course and within, develop a basic understanding of its corresponding roles in normal physiology. This will include material directed to metabolic waste removal, electrolyte/acid-base balance, hormonal and blood pressure regulation, fertility, micturition, sexual organ function, and congenital or genetic anomalies. On the backbone of this basic knowledge, the student will gain a greater perspective of how dysfunction can lead to pathophysiologic conditions and the most appropriate and informative diagnostic tests that will lead to a rapid, precisely targeted therapeutic approach to normalize patient health. The student should build upon these concepts with self-directed learning and motivation for life-long learning.