Cooper Medical School of Rowan Univerisity
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Individuals seeking faculty promotion at CMSRU must submit their letter of intent by August 1 of the current promotion cycle to their Department Chair and the Dean, CMSRU. From that point forward, biomedical sciences and clinical faculty should follow the promotion timetables set forth in the CMSRU A&P Policy which is located on the prior web page. To view the promotion timetables from the CMSRU A&P Policy – click here.

Faculty members should work with members of their Departmental Chair’s office when completing the required application materials that can be found by clicking on the window below. For a listing of Departmental Chairs, A&P Chairpersons and A&P Coordinators, click here.

Clinical faculty seeking promotion should click on the video link below for an overview of the promotion process and how to prepare promotion materials.