Cooper Medical School of Rowan Univerisity
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Student, Donor, and Alumni Profiles

Please click below to learn more about CMSRU's students, donors, and alumni!

Meet our Students

Caroline Kaigh: Still Learning, Still Teaching

Mentorship in Action: Edvard Gumbs, Class of 2017

Amanda Esteves, Class of 2017, is all about service and science

Learn about Cindy Kroll, Class of 2016, and her dedication to underserved communities

JC Lopez comes to Camden via Ecuador and California

Meet our Donors

Pediatrics Faculty Honor Sidney J. Sussman, MD

Sitting Together Forever: Dr. Richard Fischer's "Take a Seat" Support

Cancer's Adversary: Annette Goldstein's Story

Dr. Judy Nadell helps CMSRU students lead the way to service in Camden

The Schwartz Foundation supports CMSRU's Primary Urban Partnership (PUP)

Love of Camden and Cooper leads to a major gift from Pamela Zee, MD and Minh Huynh, DO

A legacy of compassionate care: Dr. Eugene Principato

Family impact: Drs. Ludwig E., Michael T., Stephanie N., and Mark G. Schlitt

Meet our Alumni

Five Minutes with Michelle Breda, MD'16

2012 Legacy Society

Giving to CMSRU is an investment in the future of southern New Jersey’s health by supporting the students who will meet the health care needs of the region. The 2012 Legacy Society was the inaugural philanthropic initiative of Cooper Medical School of Rowan University. These charter philanthropists advanced CMSRU's mission, preparing the medical school for the future and setting the tone for CMSRU's life-changing impact on healthcare and medicine. On October 10, 2013, members of the 2012 Legacy Society gathered at CMSRU to celebrate the unveiling of the 2012 Legacy Society Donor Wall, a permanent structure that inspires CMSRU faculty, staff, and students on a daily basis. We invite you to click here to read more about the event.


Legacy Wall


Leader Lawrence J. and Rita Salva
Partner Drs. Ludwig E., Michael T., Stephanie N., and Mark G. Schlitt
  Medtronic (gift in kind)


Benefactor Marque A. Allen, DPM
  In Memory of The Hon. Robert C. Daniels from his wife, Diane C. Daniels
  Peter O. Herral
  Anne-Marie and Paul Katz, MD
  John E. Kostic Memorial Foundation
  Scott and Judy Leisher Family Foundation
  Drs. Roberto, Louis, and Eugene Principato
  Annette C. Reboli, MD and Peter J. Nigro, MD
  Dr. Michael Renzi and Family
  Pamela Zee, MD and Minh Huynh, DO
Scholar AtlantiCare Health System
  Medical Staff of AtlantiCare Health System
  Colleen and Francis J. Bonner, MD
  Jay and Lyn Cranmer
  Medical Staff of Cooper University Hospital
  Melody and Michael Goldberg, MD
  William D. Kocher, MD and Lydia T. Kocher, MD
  Lawrence and Deborah Kull
  Taiyeb and Amta Mama Global Health Fellowship
  Joachim and Gerrie Rudoler
  Schwartz Foundation
  Cathy and William G. Sharrar, MD
  Judith and Edward D. Viner, MD
  Rebecca W. Johnson, MD and Lawrence S. Weisberg, MD
Mentor In Memory of Walter and Ethel Bekes, from Carolyn Bekes, MD
  Berkowitz Family Foundation
  Amy and Elliot Bodofsky, MD
  Amanda R. Burden, MD and Guy Aiman
  Linda and Ricardo Caraballo, MD
  Drs. Judith T. and Jeffrey P. Carpenter
  Stephanie B. Abbuhl, MD and Michael E. Chansky, MD
  Drs. Snehal Gandhi and Marjan Koch
  Drs. Cindi and Yakir Hasit
  Dr. and Mrs. Elias Iliadis
  Randy and Patricia Lahn
  R.J. Meagher, MD
  Cathie and John McGeehan, MD
  Donna and Lawrence S. Miller, MD
  Jocelyn A. Mitchell-Williams, MD, PhD and Rick Williams
  Jonathan Orenstein, DMD
  Celia Z. Padron, MD
  Robin Perry, MD and Anthony Santangelo
  Patricia and Jay Vanston, MD
  Valerie P. Weil, MD and John Ulrich
Friend In Memory of Linda Adacusky  
  James K. Aikins, MD  
  Stephen M. Akers, MD  
  Alpha Sigma Alpha, Zeta Lambda Chapter  
  M. Brownell Anderson  
  Dr. and Mrs. Saul S. Artis  
  In Memory of Dr. Saul S. Artis from his children  
  Diane and Umur M. Atabek, MD  
  Kim and Greg Barkhamer  
  Raymond L. Baraldi, Jr., MD  
  In Honor of Jordan Barger, Charter Class Member  
  Maureen P. Barnes  
  Susan Bass Levin  
  Catherine Binowski and David A. Vitarelli  
  In Honor of the Brock Family  
  Ian James Brown, Charter Class Member  
  Stephen F. Brown  
  Thomas P. Brown, DO  
  In Honor of Frank Brown, Jr.  
  Evren Burakgazi-Dalkilic, MD  
  In Honor of Savannah Guthrie and Michael Feldman  
  Lora Graves-Byrd and Kimble A. Byrd  
  In Honor of Pierre Cagande  
  Anthony P. Calabrese  
  Drs. Rido and Jaeok Cha  
  Peter Chen, MD  
  Randolph M. and Cindy Cherkas  
  Mark W. and Sharon Clark  
  Stephen H. and Elizabeth Clark  
  In Honor of Michael Domenic Coletta, Charter Class Member  
  Dennis and Debbie Collins  
  Women's Board Committee of The Cooper Foundation  
  Meredith P. Crisp, MD  
  Cubans of South Jersey  
  Mr. and Mrs. Louis D'Amelio  
  The Honorable Theodore and Joan S. Davis  
  Sanford H. Davne, MD  
  Timothy and Catherine Bethea Dayton, PhD  
  Bernice and Edward R. Deal, DO  
  Richard P. Dellinger, MD  
  Haithan R. Dib, MD  
  Robert and Barbara Dilsheimer  
  Kerry and Richard Domsky, MD  
  Ann Leilani Fahey, MD  
  Deanne P. Farrell  
  Joseph and Amy Ferrarie  
  Stuart C. Finch, MD  
  Catherine and Richard L. Fischer, MD  
  David J. Fish, MD  
  Victor and Alice Fornari  
  Henry S. Fraimow, MD  
  Natali R. Franzblau, MD and Robert A. Singer, MD  
  Delia C. and Anthony T. Fugaro, MD  
  Dr. Thomas J. and Donna K. Gallia  
  Betty Gavin and John C. Attar  
  Alyson Gloviak Wilson, DO  
  Michele Berlinerblau, MD and Michael H. Goodman, MD  
  In Memory of Howard Beryl Gordon  
  Scott and Debbie Graboyes  
  Generosa Grana, MD  
  Rachelle A. Greenman, MD and Steven L. Minion, MD  
  Ghada Haddad, MD  
  In Memory of Kevin Halpern  
  In Memory of Ann Hartzell  
  Dr. George Hill  
  Maxim Hummel Kreider  
  Dennis Holden Hummel, Jr.  
  Charlotte and Ronald M. Jaffe, MD  
  Dr. Carmen A. Jordan-Cox  
  In Honor of Heaton Kath, Charter Class Member  
  Drs. Manoj and Meena Khandelwal  
  Jaclyn and Michael A. Kirchhoff, MD  
  Drs. Calvin & Orsula Knowlton  
  In Honor of the Kuenne Family  
  Nicole DeLarato, MD and Eric E. Kupersmith, MD  
  Stanley and Betty Jane LaBruna  
  Tamara A. LaCouture, MD and William Berna, MD  
  Guy L. Lanzi, DMD  
  Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Larned  
  Leonard M. and Frances Law  
  In Honor of Daniel S. Lefler, Charter Class Member  
  Donald and Cindy Lefler  
  Luisa E. Lehrer, MD and Ernest M. Post, MD  
  Jo-Ann D. Liptak  
  Marion J. Lombardi  
  George and Pat Lynn  
  Alexis and Joel L. Marmar, MD  
  Robert J. Maro, Jr., MD  
  Ronald E. and Linda Massari  
  Martha S. Matthews, MD  
  In Memory of Edith Brogan Maxwell  
  Kevin G. and Gisselle M. Mayock  
  Dr. Harry Mazurek and Susan Shilcrat  
  John A. and Diane F. Mazzei  
  Amy McLeer and Paul Elwork  
  Martin F. McKernan, Jr.  
  Lori Mihalich Levin and Jason Levin  
  Barbara J. Miller  
  Anthony W. Mongeluzo  
  Fakharunnisa and Muhammad Muntazar, MD  
  Daniel P. and Susan L. Murphy  
  Octavia S. Nash  
  Elizabeth R. and Nathan S. Negin, MD  
  Bo and Kim Niland  
  David and Maria Nocchi  
  Gale and Joseph E. Parrillo, MD  
  Reshma and Sundip N. Patel, MD  
  Patricia D. Patterson  
  Steven R. Peikin, MD  
  Elyse and Mark Pello, MD  
  Brittany L. Petrella  
  Jane Cheever Powell  
  Bryan Pukenas, MD and Erin W. Pukenas, MD  
  Joanne and Andres J. Pumariega, MD  
  Vijay Rajput, MD and Shilpa V. Rajput, MD  
  Helene Reed  
  Lola and Joseph A. Riggs, MD  
  Thomas Rocereto, MD  
  Gladys Rodriguez, Esq.  
  Carolyn and Steven E. Ross, MD  
  Michael and Kathy Rozanski  
  Edward H. and Marilyn G. Salmon  
  Michelle L. Salvatore, MD and Adam S. Holzberg, DO  
  In Honor of Brittany Mary Scarpato, Charter Class Member  
  Rhonda E. Schnur, MD and Warren R. Heymann, MD  
  Roland Schwarting, MD  
  Carol and Allen D. Seftel, MD  
  Rupal and Samir Shah, MD  
  In Honor of Guraraj Shan, Charter Class Member  
  Steve and Nancy Sharp  
  Ruth and Carl I. Simons, MD  
  Robyn and Raymundo Sison  
  Antoinette Spevetz, MD and David A. Hardic, OD  
  Deborah and Gary Stahl, MD  
  In Honor of James Stefano, Charter Class Member  
  Iin Memory of William and Marilyn Kalellis from their daughter, Alisyn Stoffel  
  David and Megan Strout  
  Edward Swibinski, MD  
  Sharon M. Szmaciasz  
  Kelly and R.J. Tallarida, Jr.  
  Jeannie and Albert R. Tama, MD  
  Drs. Laura and Christopher Thorp  
  Dr. Marc and Gayle Torjman  
  Paul J. and Kathleen F. Tully  
  Drs. Roberta Harvey and Sanford Tweedie  
  U.A. Local Union 322 Plumbers & Steamfitters  
  In Honor of Keller Ulrich  
  M. Allan Vogelson, J.S.C. (Ret.)  
  Wendy Warner  
  Weinberg Family Charitable Fund  
  Dr. and Mrs. Perry J. Weinstock and Sons  
  Drs. Paul and Dyanne Westerberg  
  Arthur Winkler  
  Lori Beth Feldman-Winter, MD and Jonathan Winter, MD