Cooper Medical School of Rowan Univerisity
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The Promise Campaign

Healthcare is changing rapidly. We believe that, as a nation, if we are to meet the needs and challenges of 21st century patient care, medical education must pioneer long-term solutions. With the Promise Campaign, CMSRU sets forth three main promises:

The Promise to be an innovative leader in medical education and healthcare delivery.
As a new medical school, CMSRU is positioned to do something that has never been done before: offer a truly unique curriculum that will change the way healthcare is delivered and address the disparities of the current healthcare environment. The CMSRU curriculum model is very different from the traditional medical education model. Please click HERE to learn more.

The Promise to educate medical students to be future physican leaders.
"Leadership" often means one person asserting power from the top of the pyramid. But a TRUE leader shares power and puts the needs of others first. The physician leader cares deeply about having a positive impact on others and on the community. This is the person you want to care for your family: knowledgeable, dedicated, compassionate -- and committed to inspiring other physicians to act similarly.

The Promise to create a culture of service with an emphasis on treating the underserved.
We believe that health equity is a basic human right, which is why caring for the underserved is a core component of our mission and a promise we intend to keep. As our Honorary First Dean, Dr. Edward Viner, explains, "Health is more than the absence of illness. A community that is well-educated and well-cared for benefits us all." We focus on the community in a variety of ways. Please click HERE to learn more.

The Right Mission. The Right Team. Right Now.

The opportunity for impact is NOW. Support from CMSRU's friends and community members provides the resources that allow us to fulfill our promises and to address the challenges of 21st century patient care. The Promise Campaign focuses on three primary areas of growth:

Scholarships -- Our ability to attract and successfully admit top students who are mission-matched often relies on the amount of scholarship funding available.

Programs -- Start-up as well as sustainable funding for programs that serve students and the community is a critical part of fulfilling our promise.

Innovations -- The Innovations fund allows CMSRU to stay nimble; to have the resources available when important opportunities are presented.

Ready to make a gift to CMSRU? Click HERE. Thank you! Your contribution helps to innovate healthcare education and delivery!