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Sitting Together Forever:
Dr. Richard Fischer and CMSRU's "Take a Seat" Initiative

Dr. Richard Fischer, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at CMSRU and Head of Cooper Hospital’s Division of Maternal and Fetal Medicine, recently named two chairs in the CMSRU auditorium in support of the school’s Take a Seat Campaign for Scholarships. Donors to this campaign are permanently recognized with a named plaque at each chair, which gave the Fischer family an inspiring idea.

“Dr. Fischer called me and wanted to name a chair for his father, Dr. Murry Fischer, who had passed recently” recalls CMSRU Director of Development, Kim Barkhamer. “A few minutes later, he called again and said that his wife and children, David, 26, and Sarah, 24, wanted to name a chair in his honor! It was such a loving gesture. We started working on the wording for the plaques right there on the phone.” The final result spans the two plaques and reads father and son sitting together forever.

Dr. Murry Fischer was a surgeon in New York City. He also worked in a clinic in an underserved neighborhood in Brooklyn, exposing his young son to the value of giving back to the community. “I was 14 years old and I passed out the first time I watched my dad perform a minor surgical procedure,” says Dr. R. Fischer, “but he was taking care of the poor and I saw the difference he was making in their lives.” He was also dedicated to medical education and very involved in the residency program at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, a lifelong passion that he passed on to his son.

“Richard and his father were very close; best friends in a way” says his wife, Catherine Fischer. “We felt that naming these two chairs side by side reflects that relationship in a very meaningful way and supports the school that Richard loves so much.”

Following in his father’s footsteps, Richard Fischer has not only become an accomplished physician, he is also a champion of CMSRU’s innovative medical education model and is closely involved in the lives of CMSRU medical students as Director of one of the school's four Advisory Colleges. In this role, he is responsible for fostering a communal environment where students from all years of study come together to find encouragement, assistance, and mentorship.

So what would Murry Fischer think of our new and different medical school? “He would be very proud,” says Dr. Richard Fischer, “and he would say it’s about time.”

All proceeds from the Take a Seat Campaign go directly to CMSRU's Scholarship Fund, which is one of the chief ways we can help alleviate debt anxiety in medical students. Seats in the first four rows of the Auditorium may be named with a minimum gift of $3,500. All other seats may be named with a minimum gift of $2,500. We will gratefully apply gifts above these amounts to the CMSRU Scholarship Fund. Payments may be made over as many as five years. Take a Seat gifts can also be wrapped into larger gifts or pledges. For more information on how you can name a chair in the CMSRU auditorium, please visit or call Amy McLeer at (856) 361-2845.