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Pediatrics Faculty Honor a Colleague, Mentor, and Leader & Establish "Pediatrics Row" in the CMSRU Auditorium

Camden students enjoy programming made possible by CMSRU's Primary Urban Partnership and the Schwartz FoundationFrom left: Michael Goodman, MD; Sidney Sussman, MD; Ernest Post, MD; William Sharrar; MD

Ernest Post, MD, is a pediatrician and a "do"er. So when he decided to participate in CMSRU's Take a Seat Campaign, which allows donors to place a name on an auditorium chair here at the school, it wasn't a huge surprise.

He noticed that his colleague, William Sharrar, MD, had his name on a chair already, and thought it was a great idea to place his own chair right next to his friend Bill's. "A couple of pediatricians, it'll be perfect," he joked.

The joke was the glimmer of something bigger and more exciting. First, he asked around to see if any other members of the Pediatrics faculty were getting an auditorium chair. Turns out, Michael Goodman, MD, was filling out his form. From here, a great idea was born and - well, maybe just sharing Dr. Post's email to his entire department is the best thing to do. He wrote:

"At yesterday’s interesting CMSRU grand rounds in the auditorium, [a few of us] discussed the seats there that have our names because of financial contributions we have made to the medical school. We agreed that Sid Sussman should have a named seat there, too, and are asking for your help. Sid was the first chair of an academic department at Cooper, from 1978 to 1991 and was still seeing patients and/or teaching here into the aughts (2000s). He built the department and the dream he always worked for was having a four-year school here. If you’re getting this email it’s because our recollection is that you were here before Sid retired. For us to get a seat for Sid, we need to collectively contribute $3500. Together I’m sure we can do it."

Did they ever do it!

The gifts came in, marking admiration for Dr. Sussman from pediatricians he hired, led, and worked with, including several who have moved on from their posts at Cooper University Hospital. The financial goal was met with a final push from three exceptionally generous individuals: Dr. Goodman, Dr. Sharrar, and yes, Dr. Post.

But the plaque on the chair? That was just one part of the goal. Next up in Dr. Post's plan was to get the long-retired Dr. Sussman to campus to see the plaque.

Working with members of CMSRU's staff, Dr. Post planned and organized a reception held in the CMSRU Auditorium in late January. There was a near-miss weather hiccup, but thankfully the snow cleared up and the Pediatrics faculty, current CMSRU students, and members of Dr. Sussman's family joined Paul Katz, MD, founding dean of CMSRU, for a very special evening.

Featured speakers included Dr. Katz, Dr. Post, and of course, Dr. Sussman.

Dr. Sussman's plaque reads:

In Honor of his
Excellence in Pediatric Care

Sidney J. Sussman, MD
Chief of Pediatrics, 1978-1991
Educator, Colleague, Mentor, Friend

Please click HERE to see a video of the evening.

CMSRU is proud to play a role in honoring Dr. Sussman!