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Scholarship Support

CMSRU is striving to educate a diverse student body that is passionate about creating a culture of service.  Scholarships allow exceptional students to achieve a CMSRU education regardless of financial need.

Scholarships can do many things for highly qualified students. In cases where there is great financial need, scholarships can enable deserving applicants to actually enroll in Cooper Medical School. A scholarship also can reduce a student's personal and financial stress, allowing him/her to focus best efforts on academic pursuits and have a decreased loan debt anxiety. CMSRU is committed to educating and graduating physicians who are not only more compassionate and empathetic, but who also are more likely to pursue the specialty of their dreams and embrace the opportunity to give back sooner.

Restricted Scholarships
All applicants will be considered for CMSRU Scholarships. Some scholarships have very specific, limiting, criteria.

For most students, eligibility for a scholarship is determined upon entrance into CMSRU based on prior academic strengths and, if the scholarship is need-based, on the students financial need.  Scholarship gifts help defray costs associated with tuition, including expenses related to curriculum development, faculty preparation, medical education research, technology, lab equipment, and library resources.  

Typically, the scholarship recipient will continue to receive the scholarship at the same amount received during the first year as long as the awardee continues to meet the specific scholarship criteria.

Endowed Scholarships
Endowment gifts for scholarships provide wonderful ways to honor individuals and perpetuate shared values. These are visionary gifts that individuals, families, and organizations have supported to help educate future generations of physician leaders committed to healthcare excellence and compassionate care.

With a minimum endowment gift of $25,000, donors may establish a named fund scholarship. These scholarships typically memorialize or honor a family member, esteemed colleague, professor, or friend.

You can make an impact today by making a contribution to help fund an existing Scholarship or to name your own Endowed Scholarship.

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