Cooper Medical School of Rowan Univerisity
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does CMSRU accept transfer students?
No, we do not accept transfer students.

Do you accept international applications?
No. All applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents.

Do you accept DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) applications?
No. Applicants holding DACA status are not eligible for admission to CMSRU.

Do you accept out-of-state applicants?
Yes. All U.S. citizens and permanent residents are encouraged to apply. Approximately 65-70% of our students are New Jersey residents.

Can I take a tour of CMSRU?
Accepted Applicants will be given an opportunity to tour.

Can I change my legal state of residence once accepted?
Please note Student Residence and In-State Tuition Policy in the CMSRU Student Handbook. Cooper Medical School of Rowan University complies with N.J.A.C. 9A:5-1.1 and this provides that persons residing in New Jersey for a period of 12 months before first enrolling at a public institution in the State are presumed to be domiciled in the State for tuition purposes. This means that a student, once matriculated, who does not meet the residency requirements stated in the policy will be recorded as an out of state student for all four years.

As a veteran, do I qualify for New Jersey Resident tuition?
For all questions and concerns regarding tuition and other veteran educational benefits, please contact the Rowan University Veteran Affairs Office at (856) 256-4233 or email your question to:

How do I update my contact information once my application is complete?
Updated contact information should be submitted to AMCAS only. Our system will pull in the updated AMCAS data automatically. Mid-cycle grade updates or additional activity statements are not accepted. Final transcripts verifying graduation should be sent by July 1 prior to matriculation.

What are the oldest MCAT scores you accept? How are the scores from multiple exams viewed?
Preferably this test will be taken in the spring of the year before application; however, it must be taken no later than the fall of the year in which the candidate applies. For Fall 2023 entrance to CMSRU, the MCAT must be taken between January 2019 and September 2022. CMSRU will only consider applicants who have taken the MCAT by September 2022.

We will use the highest composite score of any single exam taken in the accepted time frame. Individual section scores from different test dates will not be combined to produce a new composite score.

How should letters of recommendation be submitted? What kinds of letters do I need?
All letters of recommendation should be submitted through AMCAS LettersCMSRU will not accept letters submitted outside of this system. CMSRU prefers, when possible, to receive a letter authored by a pre-health committee or advisor intended to represent your institution’s evaluation. This letter may include additional letters of support. If there is no pre-health committee or advisor at your school, you may submit individual letters of evaluation and recommendation through AMCAS Letters. We require a minimum of three letters, and we do not impose a maximum number. At least two of the letters must be from academic faculty, and applicants should always request letters from professors or supervisors who know them well. The AAMC has developed guidelines for letters of recommendation, and we encourage applicants to refer letter writers to them.

Can I submit updates or letters of intent?
CMSRU does not accept any updates or letters of intent unless you are placed on the waitlist after your interview.

How do I receive a fee waiver for my secondary application?
Applicants who qualified for the Fee Assistance Program (FAP) through AMCAS are eligible to receive a fee waiver for our secondary application. The waiver will be applied automatically to your secondary application and you will not be prompted to pay.

What is your minimum MCAT score or GPA for being granted an interview?
Applicants will be reviewed in a holistic manner, and we recognize that MCAT performance and GPA are part of the entire picture of each applicant. We will look for evidence that each candidate will possess the capacity to succeed in our curriculum, as indicated by the academic record, successful balance of obligations, and indications of personal resilience. In light of those characteristics, however, we acknowledge that applicants who have both lower GPAs and MCAT scores are more likely to have difficulty in the medical school curriculum.

What payment methods are accepted for the Secondary Application?
You will pay the application fees directly online at the time you apply. Our system will accept credit or debit cards only. Checks and/or money orders are not accepted.

When do classes begin? When should I plan to move? Is there student housing available?
Orientation and Classes begin the second week of August. We recommend that you allow yourself ample time to get settled, purchase books and supplies, and begin learning the area prior to this date. We do not have student housing, but our Office of Student Affairs and Admissions will be available to provide information about safe, convenient housing, roommate questions, and general relocation information. In addition, CMSRU is partnering with, a company that specializes in providing off-campus housing solutions for graduate students. This service is free for students to use to find a place to live off campus or find a roommate. We also recommend that accepted students attend our Second Look Day, since many students initiate roommate discussions at this event.

How should I prepare for an interview?
Our interview process is described here. You should be prepared to discuss your application and your experiences during a formal interview session.

Who is considered a good candidate for CMSRU?
We are seeking students who bring a variety of experiences and backgrounds to our student body. Applicants need to show that they are prepared to handle a rigorous course load and become active scholars in their medical education. In addition, we highly value students who resonate with our mission of making a positive impact in their community.

Does CMSRU offer shadowing opportunities for potential students?
No, CMSRU does not provide shadowing experience for non-matriculated students. Individuals interested in a shadowing experience should reach out directly to Cooper University Health Care to inquire about opportunities available in Camden and in the southern NJ region.

How can I apply to the Accelerated Three-Year Primary Care Program ( PC3)?
Students accepted to CMSRU will be invited to submit an application which includes a personal statement and curriculum vitae.
For further detail about PC3, please click here.

For the PC3 application portal, please click here (the PC3 application portal will be available after October 20).