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Holistic Review

What is holistic review?

Holistic review is a flexible, individualized way of assessing an applicant’s capabilities by which balanced consideration is given to experiences, attributes, and academic metrics and, when considered in combination, how the individual might contribute value as a medical student and physician.

How is Holistic Review applied in the CMSRU Admissions Process?

Applications are pre-screened to assure that the student is highly likely to succeed in our curriculum. Those applicants sent secondary applications are carefully reviewed using the factors noted in the graphic below. CMSRU weighs all these attributes in making decisions:

Are grades and test scores important in a holistic review?

Absolutely. To be successful in medical school, students must be academically prepared. Grades and test scores are important predictors of future academic and testing performance. Academic metrics do not, however, measure all the skills and abilities needed to be a successful student or physician. By utilizing a holistic review process, we evaluate academic metrics along with experiences and attributes to assess potential for academic and clinical achievement.

Holistic Factors Graph