Cooper Medical School of Rowan Univerisity
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The CMSRU Leadership Team.

Student Events and Activities

New Student Orientation
Orientation sessions and activities are coordinated by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA). Orientation for first year (M1) medical students begins with an introduction to the mission and vision of Cooper Medical School of Rowan University (CMSRU). In addition, scheduled presentations serve to introduce new students to personnel, policies, and procedures. Orientation sessions include: an overview of the medical education program and introductions to other CMSRU offices, including OSA student support services, wellness activities and Office of Diversity and Community Affairs (ODCA) programming. During Orientation, students have an opportunity to meet other student colleagues, faculty and staff, and to become familiar with the CMSRU Medical Education Building (MEB). *Due to the pandemic, the Class of 2024 Orientation was facilitated virtually (exception-Dean’s Welcome).

White Coat Ceremony
The Arnold P. Gold Foundation established the White Coat Ceremony in 1993. The event has become an iconic ritual emphasizing compassionate, collaborative, and scientifically excellent care. At CMSRU, this rite of passage serves to welcome students to healthcare practice and elevate the value of humanism as the core of healthcare. The most important element of the ceremony is the oath students take in the presence of family members, school leadership, and their peers to acknowledge their central obligation of caring for the patient. *Due to the pandemic, the 2020 White Coat Ceremony was a live event facilitated for students and select faculty members only.

Match Day
Annually, on the third Friday of March, tens of thousands of medical students across the nation simultaneously engage in one of the most exciting rites of their careers: tearing open envelopes or clicking open emails to learn the hospital or clinic where they will train as residents. After four years of medical school, graduates will spend several more years (typically, three to five) learning and practicing as residents in their desired specialties. Match Day is a particularly special event for CMSRU M4 students and their families, faculty and staff, as students “match” in residencies at some of the nation’s most prestigious and competitive programs. *Due to the pandemic, the Class of 2020 Match Day was facilitated virtually.

CMSRU Commencement
Graduation is the successful completion of all medical educational program requirements and the awarding of a degree. Commencement is the voluntary celebration that occurs once a year (typically in May). Commencement at CMSRU is a time for families and friends, faculty, staff and students to honor and celebrate the achievement of the graduates, as they enter into the practice of medicine. *Due to the pandemic, a virtual ceremony was facilitated for the Class of 2020.

Clubs and Organizations
Clubs and organizational memberships offer students the opportunity to participate in academic, cultural, diversity, community, social and athletic activities consistent with the development of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes aligned with the profession of medicine. The OSA in collaboration with the Student Government Association (SGA), supports careers in medicine organizations and social and athletic clubs. The ODCA supports cultural, diversity, and community clubs and organizations.