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Careers in Medicine

Careers in Medicine

Choosing a career path in medicine can be challenging. Many students enter medical school with an idea of what path they want to follow; most change their minds multiple times over the ensuing four years. At CMSRU, we have created a process that will guide and assist you in this process. By discovering who you are, you will open the door to a wealth of opportunities that will inform your career as a physician. Our plan involves an integrated approach, including:

The AAMC Careers in Medicine (CiM®) program is a four-step career planning program, designed to assist students in a) identifying career goals, b) exploring specialty and practice options, c) choosing a specialty, d) selecting and applying to residency programs that meet their career objectives, and e) making good career decisions. The goal of CiM is to help students learn how to make good career decisions, not only in initial choice of specialty, but also throughout their career as a physician.

The program instructs students that:

The CiM Program has been developed to guide you through the necessary steps to help you make career decisions in an efficient and effective way.
There are four steps to the program:

  1. Understanding Yourself (Years 1-2) – Conducting an honest self-assessment is the foundation for the entire process and critical to making good career decisions.
  2. Exploring Options (Years 2-3) – – Learning more about specialties and other career options will help figure out where you best fit in medicine.
  3. Choosing a Specialty (Years 3-4) – Matching your understanding of who you are with specialties that fit.
  4. Getting into Residency (Years 3-4) – Guidance in writing your Curriculum Vitae and residency application, interviewing for residency, and participating in the Match.

CiM provides a detailed timeline for each of the above steps to help guide the approach, and provides an individualized, private personal profile in which the results of the CiM assessment and decision-making activities will be stored and accessible.

Careers in Medicine Interest Groups at CMSRU align with the CiM program of the AAMC and are funded through the Office of Student Affairs. These include Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Psychiatry in Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Ob/Gyn, Orthopedic, Pediatric and Plastic Surgery Interest Groups, as well as the Cooper Neurological Society.