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Student Government Association (SGA)

Welcome to the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University’s Student Government Association (SGA) webpage for current and prospective students. The SGA is comprised of students from each class who are elected by their peers to represent class interests. The SGA liases with the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and collaborates with a variety of student organizations and subspecialty interest groups. 

This SGA webpage will help you find SGA representative contact information, student group descriptions, and other resources.

Class of 2021
Adamma Spearman, President
Michael Bieszard, Vice President
Nikita Paripati, Secretary and Treasurer
Brianna Yates, Activities & Wellness Chair
  Class of 2022
Lindsay Fleischer, President
Chirag Arya, Vice President        
Wesley Yuan, Secretary and Treasurer
Nicholas Daroshefski, Activities & Wellness Chair

Class of 2023

Kirtan Upadhyaya, President
Saba Daneshpooy, Vice President
Matthew Holmes, Secretary and Treasurer
Kira Kopacz, Activities & Wellness Chair
Class of 2024

Ernest Wallace, Jr., President
Sherrie Wang, Vice President
Haley Tornberg, Secretary and Treasurer
Odera Ekeh, Activities & Wellness Chair

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SGA Student Clubs and Organizations


Acoopella is an audition-based a cappella singing group, whose members meet several times per month to rehearse songs of varying genres and perform at CMSRU/Cooper events. We are proud to be an organization that offers both stress relief and a social outlet during medical school.

Advocacy in Medicine

The medical student section of the AMA acts as medical students' leading voice for improving medical education and advocating for the future of medicine. The AMA aims to affect healthcare policy throughout the country. On a local level, the Medical Society of New Jersey aims to promote the betterment of the public health and the science and the art of medicine, to enlighten public opinion in regard to the problems of medicine, and to safeguard the rights of the practitioners of medicine. The group works closely with the Camden County Medical Society, state and national medical societies, to effectively promote healthcare policies.

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

The CMSRU AMSA is a student-governed chapter of the national organization, representing a variety of medical student concerns. AMSA members believe patients and health professionals are partners in the management of health care and access to high-quality health care is an inalienable right. AMSA, as an organization, is committed to improving the lives of medical students. AMSA also gives authority to medical students to take action and create change about issues for which they are passionate.

Bioethics & Humanism in Medicine Society

The CMSRU Bioethics Society is a medical student run organization established to increase student understanding about past and present topics in the bioethics field, with a focus on medical issues. The CMSRU Bioethics Society is dedicated to raising bioethics awareness within medicine. The goal is to prepare students to think through these issues and apply them to their practice of medicine. The organization schedules regular meetings, discusses journal articles, and holds debates on relevant issues. Along with the CMSRU mission, the organization believes students with a greater awareness on these issues will be able to enhance the way they choose to practice medicine in their respective fields.

Clinical Nutrition Club

The Clinical Nutrition Club is a student run organization focused on introducing medical students to the basics of clinical nutrition. The group will organize monthly workshops, seminars, and Q&A sessions to help medical students familiarize themselves with how to incorporate nutritional advice into their current and future practice.

CMSRU Medical Students for Life

The goal of the organization is to foster respect for the dignity of all human life from conception to natural death. Members encourage others to reflect on moral questions that affect the practice of medicine. The group seeks to restore the physician patient relationship with care for all irrespective of race, socioeconomic status, developmental stage, or special needs. It is the intention of the organization to equip future doctors with education and resources to help women solve problems in their lives, including unemployment, domestic violence, lack of education, etc., while simultaneously supporting a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Gift of Life

The goal for Gift of Life is to maximize the number of people who sign up for the bone marrow donor registry in our community while creating a culture of philanthropy. The club organizes presentations to inform others about the importance of the bone marrow donor registry, dispel common misconceptions about bone marrow donation, and provide the steps to sign up for the registry.

Global Health Interest Group

  1. International awareness & keeping up-to-date with public health and medical methods on a global level;
  2. Integrating new ideas from global health into our curriculum;
  3. Identifying areas at home and abroad with similar health care issues;
  4. Recognizing and implementing internationally developed health innovations applicable in Camden;
  5. Develop literacy in national and international health;
  6. Educate the community about global health

Humanities Club

CMSRU's Medical Humanities aims to provide an open space for broad consideration of humanities disciplines and to explore their many intersections with medical practice.

Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

The Cooper Medical School of Rowan University Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Chapter seeks to be a resource for medical students. The IHI CMSRU Chapter will employ a variety of methods to educate students in aspects of patient safety, quality of care and performance improvement. The goal of this chapter is to provide students the knowledge and resources to practice as well as be leaders in improvement of healthcare. The CMSRU IHI Chapter strives to develop students who understand, practice, and teach the principles of patient safety, quality and performance improvement to others. The goal of this organization is to equip students with the knowledge, resources, and the ability to impact quality improvement in healthcare.

Medical Innovation Club

The club provides CMSRU students with an opportunity to learn about medical technology innovation and associated processes through first-hand exposure to current advancements, as well as hands-on project development, rooted in collaboration with physician, academic, and industry resources.

Medical Students for Choice

Medical Students for Choice Chapter at CMSRU is part of an international non-profit organization whose goals are to destigmatize abortion provision among medical students and residents; and to persuade medical schools and residency programs to include abortion as a part of the reproductive health services curriculum. One of the greatest obstacles to safe and legal abortion around the world is the absence of trained providers. Medical Students for Choice, a network of over 10,000 medical students and residents, is dedicated to ensuring that women receive the full range of reproductive healthcare choices. At CMSRU, Medical Students for Choice members work to ensure that all students have the knowledge and skills they need to counsel patients on pregnancy options and family planning methods through workshops, clinician panels, and events with other medical schools, and increase access to early and high quality abortion training for students who are interested in this work.

Med Students and Monsters

As a way to relieve stress and encourage comradery, students have created this game club where board games, dungeons and dragons, and other assorted games are enjoyed!

Running Club at CMSRU

The CMSRU Running Club is a student-run group which encourages health, fitness and wellness on the CMSRU campus. The membership includes medical students and CMSRU faculty members and is welcome to runners with all levels of experience. The group participates in social runs across the bridge to Philly, in Cooper River Park, and in local and regional races. We are a fun group of people who love to run. Please come out to run with us!

Simulation (SIM) Society

The SIM Society creates and supports programming designed to teach and enhance clinical competence and skill, teamwork, interdisciplinary partnership and interprofessional collaboration. Throughout the year, several simulation training events, open to all students (M1-M4) are scheduled. To advance the field of healthcare simulation, the CMSRU Simulation and Clinical Skills Center conducts innovative research on topics including, patient safety, medical education, simulation theory, practice, and technology. The group utilizes simulation modalities, such as standardized patients (SPs), task trainers and high-fidelity mannequins, to realistically replicate the clinical environment.

Sip n' Share

The Sip n' Share Club was created to serve as a safe space to cultivate inclusivity within a medical student class. The meeting is facilitated as an open forum to allow students to share personal experiences with their classmates and provide a platform for discussion and questions. Each meeting consists of a presentation on a topic related to the SAMHSA Dimensions of Wellness (emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, physical, environmental, financial, and occupational) and includes a focused group discussion. The purpose of Sip n’ Share is to create a rapport that is collaborative in order to develop strong interpersonal relationships among students.

Social Justice in Medicine

The Social Justice in Medicine group was founded on the principle of social, economic, and public policy and their profound impact on health, disease, and the practice of medicine. The group members believe physicians should be advocates for patients as individuals, and collectively. The organizational goals are to promote discussion of social, economic, and public policy factors and their influence on health and disease; to provide educational opportunities that promote a holistic vision of health; and to offer training and engagement in advocacy and activism.

Student Research Club

​The goal of the club is to provide students with an informal forum to share their research (conducted at CMSRU or prior) with fellow classmates. The meetings and presentation format are relaxed, in an effort to stimulate discussion and open conversation among students about their research. All students are welcome to attend.

Tennis Club

A fun outlet organized for CMSRU students to play tennis, in an effort to improve student wellness in Camden and the surrounding area. 

Wilderness Medicine

The Wilderness Club's mission is to offer students a way to combine their love for the outdoors, adventures, and awe-inspiring yet sometimes inhospitable environments of the world with their skills and love of medicine. Student members learn important skills in the art of survival and caring for others in such source-limited environments. The club is also open to those who may not be interested in this career specialty, but who simply enjoy the outdoors and want to get involved on hikes, rock- climbing, etc. just for fun!