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Visiting Students

Thank you for your interest in applying for a clinical elective as a 4th year visiting student at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University. We welcome you to apply for a visiting rotation with us to expand your learning experiences but do not guarantee an invitation for a residency interview based upon acceptance and/or completion of a visiting rotation.

Cooper Medical School of Rowan University uses the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities Program (VSLO) for all visiting student 4th year senior elective applications. Electives are only offered to 4th year medical students enrolled in a U.S. or Canadian LCME-accredited medical school or a school of osteopathic medicine accredited by the COCA.

Application submission and acceptance begins April 1, 2020. Please view the CMSRU Elective Catalog and the CMSRU Block Schedule for available electives and rotation dates. All visiting students will be notified through VSLO of the status of their application.

VSLO Application Requirements:

  1. Application
  2. Photograph
  3. CV
  4. Transcript
  5. Visiting Student Attestation Form
  6. AAMC Standardized Immunization Form and applicable supporting documentation
  7. Criminal Background Check (dated July 1, 2019 or newer)
  8. Home Institution Verification:
    1. Confirmation of current BLS
    2. Current Medical Liability and/or Malpractice Insurance - Aggregate 3 million, Per Instance 1 million
    3. Confirmation student passed USMLE Step 1 or COMLEX-USA Level 1
    4. Confirmation of good Academic Standing
    5. Confirmation of OSHA, mask fit test, and HIPAA
    6. Completion of 3rd year core clerkships/required rotations
  9. Fourth-year Student Acknowledgement
  10. Copy of Current/Valid BLS

Please complete the following:

  1. Needle Sticks and Bodily Fluid Exposures Policy (please read)
  2. Visiting Student Information Letter (please read)
  3. Technical Standards Policy (please read)
  4. Professional Appearance Policy (please read)
  5. Student Mistreatment Policy (please read)
  6. Policy and Procedure for Reporting Mistreatment (please read)
  7. Visiting Student Attestation Form
  8. AAMC Standardized Immunization Form
  9. Criminal Background Check

Criminal Background Checks will be completed directly through Certiphi (Certiphi website information will be updated). You will be billed directly for this service. If a Criminal Background Check has been completed by your school within one (1) year of the current academic term, you may upload a copy of the results to your VSLO application.


Policy Notes:


CMSRU Links:

For additional information about the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities Program (VSLO) or problems with your VSLO account, contact the AAMC at: or via phone: (202) 478-9878.