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Cell Sorting/Flow Cytometry Core

The cell sorting/flow cytometry core supports department investigators by providing training and access to cell sorting and cell phenotyping instruments. These resources require one or more training sessions before use. Please contact Dr. Cojen Ho if you wish to use these resources. Dr. Andrea Bottaro can provide theoretical and technical guidance on using the flow cytometer.

Bio-Rad Laboratories Cell Sorter

An image featuring the ONI Nanoimager Superresolution Microscope at CMSRU. A cell sorter is available for separating populations of fluorescently labelled cells. This equipment is used extensively by the department for GFP-based clone sorting/selection. This sorter is located in the Medical School Education (MSE) building.

Technical Specifications: Bio-Rad S3e cell sorter equipped with three lasers and four fluorescence detectors plus forward and side-scatter detectors. This automated sorter is also equipped with the optional Biosafety System Class I aerosol containment hood.

Stratedigm Analytical Flow Cytometer

An image featuring the Stratedigm Analytical Flow Cytometer at CMSRU.A user-friendly Statedigm high sensitivity benchtop flow cytometer with 3 lasers, 1 FSC channel, and 1 SSC channel is available for cellular analysis. Applications include immunophenotyping, cell cycle analysis, cell death analysis, cell proliferation, and ion flux using fluorescent indicators. This flow cytometer is located in the Medical School Education (MSE) building.

Technical Specifications: Stratedigm S1000 analytical flow cytometer with 405nm, 488nm, and 640nm laser lines. It has 4 decades of dynamic range for acquisition and analysis, and can capture up to 12 parameters. The analysis rate is 10,000 events/second. There is an attached workstation with CellCapTure acquisition and analysis software.