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Student Government Association

Cooper Medical School of Rowan University (CMSRU)’s Student Government Association (SGA) is comprised of students from each class who are elected by their peers to represent class interests. The SGA liaises with the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and collaborates with a variety of student organizations and subspecialty interest groups. 

This SGA webpage will help you find SGA representative contact information, student group descriptions, and other resources.

Class of 2024
Ernest Wallace, Jr., President
Sherrie Wang, Vice President
Haley Tornberg, Secretary and Treasurer
Odera Ekeh, Activities & Wellness Chair

  Class of 2025
Max Bokor, President
Abyson Kalladanthyil, Vice President
Emily Serata, Secretary and Treasurer
Lindsey DeJean, Activities & Wellness Chair

Class of 2026
Cameron Gaines, President
Sara Buchner, Vice President
Isaiah Hughes, Secretary and Treasurer
Jordan Konrad, Activities & Wellness Chair


Class of 2027
Kristine Hawkins, President
Apruva Puli, Vice President
Chloe Jones, Secretary and Treasurer
Eve Stump, Activities & Wellness Chair

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