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Our Mission

The Center for Humanism at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University (CMSRU) aims to discover, refine and promote state-of-the-art tools to foster the development of humanistic and professional healthcare practitioners.

The Center for Humanism is a community of students, faculty, and other practitioners throughout CMSRU and the Cooper University Health Care system dedicated to learning, practicing, and sharing humanistic healthcare practices. We achieve this through education and mentorship, research and publications, medical ethics programs and consultation services. We promote empathy, respect, integrity, altruism, and the pursuit of excellence.

The Center’s passionate faculty create and deliver diverse curricular and extracurricular programming that fosters humanism and professionalism beginning with undergraduate medical education and continuing through graduate medical education and independent practice. Curiosity underpins our faculty’s investigatory mindset. We establish data-driven best practices to achieve our mission and support healthcare providers here in Camden, and across the country.



Medical Ethics

Activities and Initiatives