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Financial Aid FAQs

Below, you will find a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to important information regarding financial aid services at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University (CMSRU)

Applying for Financial Aid

In order to be considered for financial aid each student must:

  • Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available online at
  • Meet with CMSRU Financial Aid Services Administrators to complete a financial plan for the academic year. The financial plan will include loan application instructions and budgeting suggestions.
To receive federal financial Aid, students must meet the eligibility criteria.
In order to receive federal loan funding and be considered for CMSRU scholarship assistance, a student must file a FAFSA. Some external private scholarship sources may also require FAFSA information. However, if a student intends to pay for all educational expenses from personal or family resources only, a FAFSA is not required.
Yes, each student must re-file the FASFA annually in order to apply for federal loans or a CMSRU scholarship.
The total amount of scholarships, grants and loans cannot exceed the cost of attendance for the program in which a student is registered.
  • Cooper Medical School of Rowan University offers an accelerated three-year track (PC3) for motivated students planning a career in Primary Care Internal Medicine or Pediatrics. Students have a direct pathway to training at one of the respective Cooper University Heath Care residency programs.
  • For additional information on the PC3 track offered at CMSRU, click here.
  • PC3 track students can apply for federal aid by annually filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • All accepted students at CMSRU are eligible to apply for institutional scholarships by completing the CMSRU Institutional Form (scholarship application), but are also encouraged to apply for outside (national or regional) funding. Procedures on submiting the CMSRU Institutional Form are provided to students by year end annually.
  • Students who are planning a career in Primary Care may consider applying for loan repayment through the National Health Service Corps.
  • Participation in the CMSRU PC3 track allows borrowers to eliminate 1 year of tuition and student fees from their loan debt portfolio. In addition, PC3 students will enter the physican workforce and begin earning a physican's salary one year earlier than their student colleagues enrolled in the CMSRU standard curriculum.
  • Students enrolled in the CMSRU PC3 track participate in special courses in the pre-M1 and pre-M2 summers.
  • Further details on all funding opportunities are available through the CMSRU Financial Aid Services website.

Military Services/Veterans Affairs Benefits

If you have any questions/concerns regarding the process and procedures for military services/veterans affairs benefits, please contact Elizabeth Sosnoski, Veterans Affairs Coordinator at Rowan University-Glassboro Campus, Savitz Hall, 3rd Floor at (856) 256-4233 or

Grants, Loans and Scholarships

  • If a loan application is completed and approved by May 31 annually, loan funds should be credited to the student's account by or on the first day of the term.
  • Loans are approved for one academic year with one-half of the loan disbursed at the beginning of the fall semester and one-half of the loan disbursed at the beginning of the spring semester.
Parental income and asset information must be included on the FAFSA, unless the student is married (if applicable, income/assets for the spouse are required), in order to be considered for need based scholarships administered through CMSRU.
  • Please notify CMSRU Financial Aid Services on the CMSRU Institutional Form or submit an email to if you are notified that you will receive outside scholarship, grant and/or loan funding. 
  • CMSRU Financial Aid Services will review any external/outside aid a student receives to determine if the total amount of aid received exceeds the student's academic budget. Adjustments to the student's financial aid award package may be required.

Learn More

Questions? Please contact CMSRU Financial Aid Services via email (