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CMSRU Institutional Scholarships

Cooper Medical School of Rowan University (CMSRU) will provide accepted students with the opportunity to annually apply for donor-established institutional scholarships. Accepted students must file their FAFSA and submit the CMSRU Institutional Form annually in order to be considered for institutional scholarship funding. Required documents will be reviewed by the CMSRU Scholarship Committee. Students will be notified about the process to apply for CMSRU institutional scholarships upon admission to CMSRU.

External Scholarships for Service

The Armed Forces Health Profession Scholarship Program can provide full funding for tuition, fees, and reimbursement of all mandatory expenses in addition to a living expense stipend. In repayment for each year of assistance, after completion of residency training (military or civilian), students will serve as a practicing physician/officer in your branch of the military (minimum three-year commitment).

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NMF is a non-profit organization providing scholarships and awards for students judged by NMF to be in need of financial assistance. NMF adheres to the AAMC definition that underrepresented minorities in medicine are “those racial and ethnic populations that are underrepresented in the medical profession relative to their numbers in the general population.” NMF awards give preference to these populations, with specific attention to African Americans, Hispanic/Latino, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders.

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National Health Service Corps (NHSC) offers to pay tuition and required fees via scholarship assistance to medical students seeking a career in primary care. After graduation, students promise to serve at a NHSC approved site. Contact the NHSC to verify the eligibility criteria and application requirements.

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